Biden Quickly Embracing More of Trumps Accomplishments Realizing The Don Was A Much Stronger Leader

Democrats thrive on chaos. What, is there too much chaos? What, terrorists were found crossing the border? President Biden, you and the Democrats have a plan to tear America apart or so it seems. Wouldn’t this help it along quicker? The press release was pulled? Why? Why does it take having it in your face to understand Donald Trump knew what he was doing? Have nobody else to blame it on?

The proof of Biden’s pressure

Is the New York Times, one of their mouthpieces and the pulled press release. There’s actually fear of a war since the administration can’t do basic things. Trump and the Republicans knew this all along but the Democrats so badly needed to be in power and undo everything Trump did. You want your one party power but if you look at history, that’s never worked.

At one point both Democrats and Republicans worked together for a better country. But now the ferocious, obsessive need for credit and power has overridden Biden and the Democrats to the point of being worried about war. You brought it on yourself! Americans aren’t stupid and as much as war is terrible, it cleans house! The United States is capable of so much more if government will just get out of the way.

Biden will say one thing to the cameras

Go behind closed doors and do something completely different. This is why Trump was elected. We’re beyond tired of this crap, Americans crave the truth! Trump tried to work on Section 230 since the news doesn’t report the news anymore, it makes news up. Unfortunately too many Republicans were worried about keeping their seat.

Just like when the CDC quietly put the correct COVID numbers on the website. It’s done quietly and the press looks the other way, screaming instead that we’re all going to die unless we lock down.

Biden and the administration

Cannot admit to being wrong, especially about Trump. That pulled press release speaks volumes. Where’s all the money going Joe? Weren’t we trying to control COVID too and the Democrats voted against testing those illegals?

Former DHS Secretary Chad Wolf is talking to people on the ground at the border, people desperate to continue something that worked for them. “The men and women from [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] and Border Patrol are pleading with DHS leadership and the White House to finish sections of that border wall system,” If that border wall is started back up again, it will be done quietly, just the COVID numbers.

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