Video: Leftist Teacher Caught on Cam Harassing Latino Officer

Wow. Yeah, you’re definitely going to run into this more often. Abusive language takes many forms. Does anybody use the now tame term “pig”? You never know when somebody is going to lose their mind over being told they’re wrong. Humans are easily corruptible, it’s happened to this teacher. They’ve been told for years that because they’re helping to raise the next generation, they should be worshiped.

A teacher can be politicized

If the union is working with the CDC, that’s a lot of power. Hopefully this officer doesn’t lose his job, body cam or not.

Hopefully body cams are on their way to these officers. Those are now definitely a smart investment. If he needs reimbursement, he can probably set up a GoFundMe and people will help out.

This teacher is part of the reason

Home schooling has exploded. She’s part of the entitlement mentality, it seems she does this regularly. Does she file false complaints to clog up the system?   Frivolous lawsuits do the same thing.  It’s also why enough people have left California so they’ve lost seats.

Stereotyping usually isn’t smart. People often have reasons for their behavior. The problem is last summer, teachers in the area didn’t want to go back to work til the police were defunded. It stands to reason there might be a common thought process among the schools.

What will this teacher

And others who feel this way do when one of them NEEDS the police? What happens when that 911 call doesn’t result in the needed help?

Being politically correct will make sure you continue to receive money from the Biden administration. That’s likely what’s going on across the board in DC. Grab taxpayer dollars while you can. People have learned to rake in the money and power from Washington DC while you can.

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