Babbitt Family Attorney: “Race was CLEARLY a Factor”

A lawyer representing the family of Ashli Babbitt is claiming that race has played a role in the investigation into her death. Babbitt was shot on January 6 by Capitol Police officer Michael Byrd. Babbitt was unarmed and seemingly given no warning before being killed by Byrd. Babbitt family attorney Terry Roberts, who played a role in identifying Byrd, is decrying the way in which the killing was treated by Byrd’s superiors.

Babbitt shooter celebrated

For months after the killing, Byrd’s name was not released to the public while the Capitol Police exonerated themselves and confirmed that there would be no repercussions for the shooting.

This is in contrast to the speed with which the names of officers accused of killing black men have been released to the public during a time in which police related deaths have become an extremely contentious national issue.

Babbitt is known to have been, like the other protesters, completely unarmed. Other than the location of the incident, race is one of the only distinguishing features which might explain how it has been treated.

Byrd is black and Babbitt was white. This is an inversion of the acceptable narrative surrounding police related deaths in which the racial situation is reversed.

It is easy to compare the situation to the manner in which Derek Chauvin was treated after the death of George Floyd by the media and by his superiors.

Byrd has instead been lionized as a hero of democracy for shooting Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed woman who cannot justifiably be said to have posed a physical threat to anyone at the time.

A racial factor?

Byrd and sympathetic media figures have treated the shooting as a necessity which prevented a potential overthrow of the federal government.

These conspiracy theories have found no basis in reality despite months of aggressive searching by the FBI and other left wing groups for some sort of plan or organization.

No evidence has been found to support the claim that Babbitt might have been anything other than a participant in a political protest which became slightly unruly.

Treatment of unarmed protesters has been a major source of contention for Democrats elsewhere but never in relation to this case.

There is clearly something more than simple political affiliation which has motivated the acceptance of the Babbitt shooting and the rapid exoneration of Byrd.

Roberts believes that this is clearly a case of racial biases restricting any attempt to seek answers about the shooting on January 6.

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