Fauci and Jordan Go Toe-to-Toe in HEATED Debate

Jim Jordan, among many others, is pointing out the politics of something that shouldn’t be political. Americans just want consistency. Fauci said straight away that,“Crowding, when you’re not wearing a mask, contributes to the spread of the virus”. But he can’t tell protestors not to protest, it’s a right. “Leave it to people who are in more of a position to do that” Based on his recommendations, who is in the position to do that? Or won’t he answer?

Jim Jordan is just holding up a mirror

That alone makes liberals squirm. Fauci is visibly embarrassed, backed into a corner. His body language screams, “You don’t understand, Mr. Jordan. There’s an agenda to be accomplished.”

Mr. Jordan puts it in front of him. You don’t want to be putting one First Amendment liberty ahead of another.

Jim Jordan understands all too well

The agenda Dr. Fauci is dealing with. The only thing he’s consistent about is not being in crowds at all. This means, by logical extension, there should be no protesting. Unfortunately for Dr. Fauci, people gather in crowds to protest or riot and destroy. You can’t have a crowd in front of a business unless it’s a protest or riot.

Dr. Fauci almost appeared to start to walk out. He can’t and won’t answer a direct question. Rolled his eyes! Yes, Jim Jordan knows all too well Dr. Fauci is pushing a particular agenda. He’s just shining the light on that unnecessary darkness.

Evil itself dislikes light and truth

Dr. Fauci would not say the word protest. He’d only say the word “crowds”. Mr. Jordan is just calling it as we see it. Any crowd without masks will encourage the spread of the virus.

Law abiding crowds, by and large, will obey the law. By definition, the criminals will not. So “protestors” can gather and destroy to their heart’s content.

  1. Fauci has been either incompetent or part of an agenda from day one. He vacillates continually depending on the politics of his answers. He is not now nor has ever been trustworthy in this greatest of hoaxes foisted on the American public….ever!

  2. After several months of study and reading, I have come to the conclusion that the entire pandemic was a planned event-basically a last ditch attempt to get rid of Trump. I call it “Get Trump v 3.0”. Dr. Fraudi is a committed member of the deep state, he has been photographed with Soros, Clinton and Gates; he funded the development of this virus, by giving government money to the Wuhan Lab; in 2017 he “predicted” we would have a pandemic within a couple of years; then, as predicted the Chinese unleashed the virus on us and we got our pandemic; he then used bad science to convince Trump that the country had to be completely shut down for a month or two; at the end of the shut down, he insisted that it had to stay shut down until we had a vaccine against the virus; he won’t allow schools to start up, because if junior can’t go to school, mommy can’t go to work; he won’t allow the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a treatment for the virus, even though there is a ton of evidence it works (he calls this evidence anecdotal); during the H1N1 pandemic (Obama’s term), there was no vaccine, but a drug was suggested which might help-so he gave his OK-that drug was HCQ; he says he has no horse in this race, that he’s purely going according to science, but he lies-he does have a horse in the race-though it’s as lame as he is (he owns half of the patent for remdesivir, a vaccine one epidemiologist called as near to worthless as it’s possible to get. Remdesivir don’t prevent catching the virus, it don’t keep you from dying if you do catch it, but it shortens your hospital stay by three days if you live. Since it cuts three days off of your hospital stay, he charges $3,200 per dose-the savings for the hospital stay); virtually every guideline he has offered for the pandemic has done NOTHING to keep the death rate down, but every suggestion has hurt Trump’s chances for reelection in 2020.

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