CNN Poll Shows Massive Red Wave Coming in HOT

How is CNN still hanging on? Who is funding the organization? What’s left of CNN’s base? The strategy maybe to get out the vote. The fear of another four years of Trump needs to be pushed as much as possible. They aren’t likely to put out a poll that favors their hated opponent. The only place polls mean anything is to political consultants and those who profit from them. Trump probably laughs at them.

CNN has no credibility, much like the New York Times. They’re just another DNC mouthpiece. In that regard, it might make sense having Greta Thunberg on their “expert” coronavirus panel. If you believe in a Democratic cause, you’re invited to speak, regardless your qualifications.

Polls predicted Hillary winning the 2016 election in a landslide. It was curious then to watch pollsters justify their existence when she lost miserably.

He who frames the poling question gets the wanted answer.

But that’s only to a point. If a person is listening, you can hear the bias. You might get hung up on if you hear it and say as much.

The CNN pollsters’ attempt to alter the 2016 narrative backfired. In trying to dispirit the opposition out of voting, CNN forgot conservatives, independents and libertarians think on their own. You can attempt to alter our thoughts but we still have the freedom to push the off button or change the channel.

Swing states are pollsters’ focus. Red states aren’t worth focusing on and they’d just be preaching to the choir in the blue states. If a purple state can be convinced to flip full blue, that’s the goal.

Even with coronavirus, Trump wins

His biggest advantage is handling the economy. He’s said from the start he wants the United States engine to chug at its best capacity. Even though people are worried the economy won’t bounce back well, 54% say Trump is still handling it well.

Trump is younger than Biden so people thought his mental ability to do the job was better, 49% to 46%.

Biden didn’t do CNN any favors

He’s been on lockdown in his Delaware home. Virtual campaigning hasn’t worked well for him.

“Everybody says, you know, ‘Biden’s hiding.’ Well, let me tell you something, we’re doing very well. We’re following the guidelines of the medical profession. We’re following the guidelines of the experts,” Biden told Good Morning America.

“The idea that somehow we are being hurt by my keeping to the rules and following the instructions that have been put forward by the docs is absolutely bizarre,” he continued. “I reject the premise that somehow this is hurting us. There’s no evidence of that.” This might sound good if the United States doctors didn’t have an agenda.

  1. Yes the weave is coming and it’s going to be better then 2016! REPUBLICANS are going to run the table! So sad for the do nothing DEMOCRATS

  2. CNN is like the New York Times leaders of the FAIRYTALE News. They are also leaders of the MORON MEDIA aka the RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS OF DEMOCRAPS. They tell whatever LIE their Masters tell them to tell. They will always do what makes the Democraps look good. Most polls taken by media are set up to make Democraps look good by both being loaded with Democraps and the questions lead to making Democraps look good.

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