Trump Says We Have Enough

Oh, we’ve known this. The question is, how is it going to be enforced? It’s going to take overpowering pressure and more than just the Supreme Court. The highest court in the land was threatened or bribed into not even taking the case. If remaining audits are able to prove the staggering amount of fraud, NO DEALS with Democrats! They’ve done enough to warrant no mercy. We’ve been dealing with legalized theft since January.

Cover up the fraud

So people watching will not listen. You’ll be considered a conspiracy theorist. So many people would be losing their jobs, maybe their freedom, for going along with this.

Trump encouraged Arizona state senators, keep fighting for the truth that Americans crave. Several senators offered that it was time to decertify and start to see indictments.

Arizona audit showed a lot of fraud

So, Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, which federal Democrat have you spoken to that has told you to put dampers on the audit results? The Senate President Karen Fann hoped you’d be open to hearing about what happened in the 2020 election. Or maybe it’s a case of Ms. Hobbs being willing to risk what the Founders risked to set up the United States at all.

We’ve been told over and over again that it’s about Trump when this can happen both ways. Or do Democrats have processes in place so that it will never happen against them? Isn’t that fraud too?

If there was enough fraud

To change the outcome, then let the chips fall where they may. Everything is out in public. People don’t want to see it, haven’t been told it’s public knowledge or the press is insisting on that curtain.  Nothing to see here, move along, it’s all lies.

If somebody has been told all their life that a particular thing is true and it turns out it wasn’t, people initially won’t believe it. It often takes something personal happening to somebody to open their eyes. So many Democrats have been lied to by their own party.

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