Sweet 10yr Old Boy Makes Ultimate Sacrifice During Rodeo, How Things Changed Rapidly

Parents encourage their children getting involved with many things, including animals. Let them try different things out, see what they like. Some people grow up with animals. They teach responsibility. But accidents can happen anywhere, even when a boy is paired with an older, trusted animal. Health emergencies can also happen to animals. You can only hope that when this occurs, tragedy can be avoided.

A 10 year old Texas boy

Died when his horse died and fell on him. Legend Williamson passed away October 3 when his horse either had an aneurism or a heart attack. The animal reared up, fell over and crushed the boy.

The freak accident took place at the Beauregard Parish Arena where the Texas Region 5 Junior Rodeo was taking place. The boy did well the day before, placing second in team roping competition.

The boy was pronounced dead

Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office’s Chief Detective Sylvester Denmond spoke to their local CBS News outlet KPLC, “It’s just a freak accident, our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and the rodeo community.”

The area is in mourning. The Texas High School Rodeo Association put a message on their Facebook page, “The loss of Legend is devastating and our hearts are breaking for the Williamson family. We ask that today and for weeks to come that you lift this family up in prayers.”

Local tributes to the boy

Have been pouring in. The Hudson Independent School District Police Department was among the organizations expressing their condolences. He was a “Phenomenal young man. He was absolutely a blessing to all who knew him. You could not help but to love him and his sweet personality. The most respectful, polite, helpful, caring, and spirited young man. Talking to him was a true joy, mixed with an awe of amazement. Legend will be greatly missed & the world will not be the same without him.”

Finally, his father offered encouragement, “If he touches more people after death than he did before, then his life was worth it. If he touches one more person after death than before, then the 10 years we got to spend with him, we won’t feel like we were robbed.”

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