The Coup was November 3

Like many Americans, Trump just wants the truth. He’s furious the January 6 committee keeps saying Trump did an “attempted coup” that day. A coup happened November 3. January 6 was a protest. There’s a ton of evidence out there and more keeps coming to light. Calls to decertify in particular states keep coming up. Those involved in January 6 are being treated horribly. Trump is on their side.

The coup is the wrong day

Trump continued, “While they say that January 6 was an ‘attempted coup,’ which it was not, they should add that the Election on November 3 was the actual coup. The election was the insurrection. The January 6 day was not the insurrection, that was the ‘protest.’

Trump will continue to talk about this, despite the media refusing to air it. If people can’t count on the election integrity Trump fights for, why bother having elections at all?

One of the biggest scams in our history

Was the coup on November 3. Trump persisted, “All you have to do is look at the massive evidence in Swing States, available upon request (with much more to come).” It’s all out there for anybody to look at.

Election audits are finding the blatant fraud. The more fraud is found, the more the media and the January 6 committee attack Trump.

Activities from the coup

Put people in prison. The January 6 protest has people behind bars with no recourse.

If Trump wins another term in the White House those people will get completely different treatment. “We will treat those people from Jan. 6 fairly. We will treat them fairly. And if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons. Because they are being treated so unfairly.”

The results of the coup drag on

Biden’s Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco pledged to continue, “We are going to hold those perpetrators accountable, no matter where the facts lead us at as the Attorney General has said, no matter what level we will do those cases.” Anybody that had anything to do with Trump has a target on their back.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration’s ongoing efforts to bankrupt America are working well. Trump put that out in plain sight, “Our Country is paying a big price for that Rigged Election!”

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