The Media CAUGHT in More LIES

The media doesn’t want to hear anything good about a Republican. A Florida Democrat praised Governor Ron DeSantis and said he’d vote for him based on actions taken to help those hit by the hurricane. A report came out that said relief aid was paused while the governor toured Arcadia and that people were furious. Nothing of the sort happened. The people of Florida continue to help those in need.

The media has egg on their face again

It’s too bad this has to keep happening but that’s the way it is. The Florida Democrat said, “That gas is here in Arcadia. I don’t know about the rest of y’all but it’s here in Arcadia. So, y’all know who we’re voting for. I don’t know about the rest of you motherf***ers, but I’m voting for DeSantis, and I’m a Democrat! So y’all call it whatever the f*** you want to call it.”

If nothing else, Michael Paluska at ABC Action News and the promoter Peter Schorsch are getting eyeballs. The report was titled “Civilians furious as relief operations paused while Governor Ron DeSantis toured hard-hit Arcadia.”

Media bias

The DeSantis Deputy Press Secretary Jeremy Redfer was on it and tweeted out, “This is an absolute lie pushed by @MichaelPaluska and amplified by Peter. Not a single operation was paused while the governor was on the ground. @DesotoCoSheriff and @JackBrewerBSI will confirm. The Sheriff literally posted about the Governor’s visit yesterday.”

Redfern made sure to post the screenshot of a post from the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office, “Today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and DeSoto County Sheriff Potter traveled by boat through areas in DeSoto tragically affected by Hurricane Ian. While they discussed plans moving forward, operations have staying rolling the entire time. Citizens have received ice and various resources within the city, and supply operations on the river have been nonstop.”

Media is shameless

The other person seen in the viral video is former NFL player Jack Brewer. He responded to ABC Action News by posting that video again with, “This is a lie. Ask Johnny if the aid stopped!!”

The Florida Democratic Party seized on the report and tried to blow it up. “Much needed aid blocked from being delivered so that DeSantis could preen and pose for photos in campaign attire. Even in the wake of a devastating loss of lives, historic property damage, and flooding, DeSantis cares more about polishing his public image than helping Floridians.” Brewer responded with, “Sickening and evil.. Devilish lies.”

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