Video: Driver Hands BLM Member Some Insta-Karma

Protesters think everybody needs to hear them. And then there are those who need to get to work or school. You don’t know what’s going on in each person’s life. Maybe they just ran out of patience. Fed up with the BLM BS, Jared Lafer proceeded to run over one. With both legs broken, he won’t be protesting for a little while so there’s one down. Harsh? Maybe. But when these “protesters” shoot drivers, hit-and-run becomes self defense.

BLM might have Democrats cowering

In a corner but not all Americans are scared Democrats. Yes, you have your right to protest. But don’t demand that people listen. You don’t have THAT right.

How many times are you going to protest, til your demands are met? And when will that be? Because even if your current demands are met, you’re going to come up with more. It won’t stop. That’s why some people aren’t willing to listen anymore.

BLM push back may continue

Depending on who they encounter. Jared Lafer, 27, of Bakersville, NC lost his patience with a BLM protest and ran over a protester, breaking both legs.

Johnson City, TN police said the protester was hit 7:20 pm on Saturday. The vehicle pushed forward slowly, perhaps giving people last chance to move on their own before running over Jonathan Bowers.

BLM might want to check the politics

Of an area before staging a protest. A blue state maybe more tolerant of them. Tennessee has been a Republican state for 10 years.

Lafer seemed to just want to get the point across because he turned himself in. Captain Kevin Peters noted to WCYB that this will be investigated as a criminal matter. “We don’t believe it was a simple accident involving a vehicle,” Peters mentioned. Before turning himself in, Lafer did his homework. He contacted a Tennessee lawyer.

  1. If these idiots block public thoroughfares the deserve to be run over. Protesters do not have the right to obstruct and walk away without consequences.

  2. Get off the road or become road kill. Simple. Highways are meant for traffic not terrorists and if you’re too stupid to not understand this then you might just get hurt. Too bad, so sad but stay off the roads. I’d like nothing better than to see more get ran over because they are terrorist and your life is in danger any time they are blocking traffic. You never know when one will try to shoo into your car and another child get murdered by them.

  3. I do not condone violence in any form but it’s about time somebody visited a dose back to these violent thugs. Even if they were really peaceful protesters you need to use logic and common sense and don’t impede anothers right to freedom of movement. A hard lesson learned by mr broken legs. Kudos to the driver for owning up to his actions I hope he gets a conservative judge so he will be treated fairly. Good luck to you sir. To the thugs I say…You Play, You Pay GOD Bless America and please look after everyone, jncluding misguided fools.

  4. Let’s see, they aren’t supposed to be in the road…they aren’t supposed to be stopping traffic…they are scaring drivers into making them run over them to escape…and the police charged the DRIVER???

  5. The ‘government’ needs to rethink the idea of declaring VIOLENT RIOTERS as a sacrosanct group that must be worshiped.


    And LAW ABIDING CITIZENS have no obligation to SURRENDER THEIR RIGHTS because a bunch of retarded fools want to throw a temper tantrum!

  6. Just like the article said …It’s a drivers only choice of self defense when the terrorists are known to shoot into cars. Floorboard it and take out as many as needed to insure your safety and that of your Family… If more people did this it would put a stop to the terrorists surrounding people in their vehicles.

  7. Instead of two broken legs it could have been a lot worse if the person felt really threatened and shot the “protester”. They cease to be protesters when they endanger lives and block traffic. They become violent eventually and the result will end up pretty much the same only worse for them if the militias are going to get active in chasing away these seditionists and violent protesters. They will get what they deserve for all the harm they have caused their communities and well-being of it’s citizens.

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