The Man Who Killed Jeffrey Dahmer Explains WHY He Did It

Since the release of the new Netflix series “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”, this famous serial killer has come back into the spotlight.

Recent reports have detailed how the man who killed Dahmer in prison, Christopher Scarver, has provided a reason as to why he did the deed.

However, it’s important to mention that the answer was vastly different from what he originally told reports days after it occurred.

Dahmer was killed back in 1994, and according to an interview with The New York Post, Scarver revealed that the murder was due to a growing disdain against Dahmer playing with his food.

The prisoner explained how Dahmer would cut out his food into pieces meant to mimic severed limbs as well as cover them with ketchup to look like blood before putting them around other inmates to “taunt” them.

Generally, Scarver went out of his way to avoid Dahmer, however one day the two men plus inmate Jesse Anderson were ordered to clean the bathrooms.

At the time, guards had left Dahmer alone, which gave Scarver the opportunity he needed to kill Dahmer and Anderson.

However, now reporter Jim Stingl shared that he does not recall any of these details from Scarver’s interviews shortly after the killing.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported more:

Gerald Boyle, who defended Dahmer at trial, doesn’t believe it. Neither does Steven Kohn, who represented Scarver. “It’s ridiculous,” Boyle told me.

At that time, Scarver never said a word about Dahmer taunting anyone in prison or joking about his crimes, Boyle and Kohn said.

“He told me he had a hit list of five guys who he did not feel were worthy of the word murderer because of who and how they killed,” Boyle said.

Kohn said nothing in the public record supports what Scarver says in the new article. He recalls that Scarver said in the interview with Boyle that Dahmer and Anderson had murdered for unacceptable reasons, and that it was humiliating to be in the same work detail with them.

During Scarver’s interview, he said that prison guards had helped him carry out the murder by intentionally placing him with Dahmer, but had not elaborated any further.

And since Dahmer’s personal escort was not present at the time, it doesn’t seem like that far-off of an assumption.



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