Pentagon Closing It DOWN

After “close consultation with senior civilian and military leaders” at the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin decided “to defuel and permanently close the Red Hill bulk fuel storage facility in Hawaii.” Residents have been complaining about toxic water since November.

Pentagon makes major move

Actually getting the place shut down and all the leaky tanks emptied isn’t going to be easy, the Pentagon says. This, Austin notes in an official statement, “is a multi-step process.” It’s going to take a lot of coordination with local agencies and officials.

Throughout the process, we will work closely with the Hawaii Department of Health and with the Environmental Protection Agency to safely defuel the Red Hill facility.

The Pentagon is assuring local residents that their water will soon stop being flammable and toxic. “No later than May 31, the Secretary of the Navy and Director of the Defense Logistics Agency will provide an action plan for safe and expeditious defueling of the facility.

They hope to have all the tanks drained a year after that.

Once they get the old leaky tanks drained, which they promise will be done safely, they are going to shut it down permanently. The Pentagon promises to close the Red Hill facility and clean it up.

The project plans include “conducting any and all necessary environmental remediation around the facility.” It’s “just the right thing to do,” Secretary Austin admits.

Built in 1943

During World War II, the Pentagon had a huge need for “centrally-located bulk fuel storage of this magnitude.” Red Hill, Austin says, “has served our armed forces well for many decades. But it makes a lot less sense now.

That’s because the “distributed and dynamic nature of our force posture in the Indo-Pacific, the sophisticated threats we face, and the technology available to us demand an equally advanced and resilient fueling capability.

Instead of depending on tanks which can leak into the island’s water supply, the Pentagon already has better alternatives.

To a large degree, we already avail ourselves of dispersed fueling at sea and ashore, permanent and rotational. We will now expand and accelerate that strategic distribution.

The Pentagon vows to “continue our work with the Hawaii Department of Health, national and local elected officials, and other community leaders, to clean up the water at the Red Hill well.

They also plan to come up with a plan “to address any future contamination concerns.” They also plan to work with the community to figure out an appropriate use for the land, once the tanks have been removed and all of it was cleaned up.

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