Watch as PBS Anchor Catches Bill Gates Off Guard With Epstein Questions

Bill Gates looked visibly uncomfortable when asked by a PBS interviewer about his past relationship with Jeffery Epstein. PBS NewsHour anchor Judy Woodruff confronted Gates about the relationship in an interview and asked about why he had repeatedly met with the now deceased pedophile. Gates was evasive in his answers, admitting that the relationship was a mistake but dodging questions about why he didn’t know that at the time.

Bill Gates continues to face scrutiny

Bill Gates and Jeffery Epstein met for a number of dinners and conversations. Gates now says that these meetings were a result of Epstein expressing interest in philanthropy.

Other sources claim that Gates was convinced that Epstein had the connections and influence he needed to secure a Nobel Prize, which was apparently an ambition of his at the time.

Gates told Woodruff in the PBS interview that nothing came of the relationship and that Epstein never provided what he was looking for.

The Epstein connection apparently strained the marriage between Bill and Melinda Gates, particularly after it became public knowledge following the suspicious death of Epstein.

Both Bill and Melinda were fully aware of Epstein’s activities when Bill first struck up a relationship with him. He did not attempt to deny this in the interview.

At best Gates was willing to overlook what Epstein was doing to secure extra donations for his charity. At worst he approved or participated.

Not willing to talk about Epstein for PBS

Revelations about Gates have been emerging with increasing frequency since the death of Epstein and the divorce announcement.

Former employees have described him as an egotistical and rude boss who harassed subordinates and bullied them into silence with an army of lawyers.

it is a very different image than the one Gates chooses to show to the public with his desire to be seen as a generous philanthropist.

In the PBS interview Gates was clearly desperate to shift the conversation away from Epstein and back to his charitable endeavors.

Epstein and the past relationship were shrugged off, with Gates dismissing the issue by saying of Epstein “well, he’s dead, so…”

Gates is apparently still not able to answer questions about Epstein without fumbling and nervously attempting to change the topic.

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