Breaking: Seth Rich Case Blown Wide Open, Judge Makes Shocking Move

The Seth Rich case just got a fresh breath of life this week as a judge made a shocking request of the British government. Beltway pundits are jumping for joy because they think this is the crack in the lid which will blow the Deep State cover right off the whole can of worms.

Rich family cries foul

Way back in the mists of time, on May 16, 2017, Fox news published a story then quickly retracted it. Fox claimed, at the time, that Seth Rich was the one who leaked emails to Wikileaks, not the Russians. The source they relied on backed down when he got a cease and desist order from the family. His parents cried foul and sued Fox News for intentionally inflicting emotional distress on them by “slandering” their murdered son.

It seems the only way to get to the bottom of it and decide whether the article was a “sham” as the Rich family claims, or “substantially true” as Fox News insists, is to ask Julian Assange. Federal Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn started the ball rolling to do exactly that. Fox news is the side which needs the evidence but the judge was the one required to make the formal request. “Mr. Assange, as founder of WikiLeaks, is exceptionally suited to provide testimony that will be highly relevant to these issues. Therefore, Fox News, by and through this letter of request issued by the District Court, is formally requesting the testimony of Mr. Assange for use at trial.”

Judge Netburn sent a formal Hague Convention request for testimony from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Many beltway insiders are convinced Assange’s testimony will blow the case “wide open and finally provide answers concerning the unsolved murder.” Assange has always denied he got the emails from Russia and also has hinted that the DNC employee was the real leaker. Right after the material was released, Seth Rich was killed in what police call a robbery, “even though his wallet, phone, jewelry and other valuables were not taken.”


No other way to solve the controversy

According to Judge Netburn, there is no other way to end the Seth Rich leak controversy. They have to ask Assange, who’s currently sitting in a London jail cell. “In the proper exercise of its authority, this court has determined that the evidence cannot be secured except by the intervention of the English courts and that assistance from the English courts would serve to further the international interests of justice and judicial cooperation.” She specifically wrote to the senior master of the Royal Courts of Justice.

Joel and Mary Rich filed suit against Fox News in March of 2018 and the case was dismissed in August of the same year. Fox appealed and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the dismissal last year. The case is now in what they call the “discovery” phase, where both sides exchange the evidence they plan to use in court, and go fishing through the files to dig up more useful dirt.

As Judge Netburn explained, “Julian Assange’s testimony is crucial for determining the central dispute between the parties—whether the article was a ‘sham’ as the Riches claim, or ‘substantially true’ as maintained by Fox News. The only thing everyone knows for sure is that Seth Rich didn’t kill himself.

  1. Why on God’s Earth would the parents not want to know what the heck happened to their son. I would eat up the Earth to find out what happened. If the son did something wrong and they are hiding it, in actuality they are allowing his killer to go free and live his life when their son is dead thanks to the killer and is not living his life. The judge believes the son didn’t kill himself, well, that means he was murdered. Damn, find out why. If the son was deep into something wrong, wrong always comes out and maybe the parents are waiting until they are gone so they won’t have to live with the knowledge that the world knows. But if the son was trying to do right than whoever murdered him, stole his life, that person needs to be found out and in jail because he was covering up wrong more than the son was, the son apparently was doing right in wanting to testify.

      1. Extortion, blackmail is allowed for Dems treating what they see as a turncoat, were it a Republican being leaked onto then the leak’er would be a hero self sacrificing and honorable. All about the ‘Appearance’.. only leftists can be whistle-blowers only when blowing the whistle on a Republican… blowing the whistle on a Democrat is dishonorable and lacking valor.

      2. Do you think? So they must be to think shielding those murderers of their own son to remain faithful to the Socialists is more important. I am wondering if they are insane or what.

        1. They are probably in fear of their lives. If they didn’t sue and the article gained traction, then the real perpetrators would be found out. The real perpetrators don’t want that. I’m sure the parents probably already know who killed their son and why. I’m sure Jackie O knew who shot Kennedy and why, which is why she sought refuge in a billionaire Greek to keep her safe.
          i’m sure the rest of the family has probably been told, “it can be anyone of you at any time next”

        1. Proof of a crime is no longer admissible and quite possibly would be considered a crime…welcome to 2020 where up is down

    1. MONEY! The Rich’s have been paid a large sum of MONEY by the DNC to stay silent. They sold out their son to be a part of the rich and elite.

    2. Why did the parents do this…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.0000000000000000000, they got paid not to be curious! Can you say DNC, Clinton, et al?


  2. I’d love to see some real (true) facts on the Seth issue and murder. I think FOX has it right but can’t understand why the family won’t let the true facts come out… It might lead to catching the murderer.

  3. What kind of parents would NOT want to find out who murdered their son. Perhaps the parents have something to hide. If they wanted closure, perhaps they should be open to the possibility that Fox was trying to uncover something, but they refused to let them report from a source close to Seth Rich.

  4. The attitude of the Rich Family, is stunning to me; anyone would think they would demand to know WHO killed their son! Instead, they sue Fox News for “smearing his reputation”??, or something. Frankly, if Seth Rich did provide this information, against the DNC and the deep state, then, in my eyes, he is a national hero!

  5. The original story had Seth Rich downloading the DNC files to a thumb drive and passing that on to WickiLeaks to publish and report. For his efforts poor old Seth was offed at the instruction of either Hillary or one of her cohorts. An Australian hacker named Kim Dot Com supposedly helped Seth get the data to Assange. Assange has always insisted that he DID NOT get the data from the Russians, but our cracker jack, deep state Obama Intel Community poo pooed the idea, because they were in the process of attempting to prove Trump and the Russians colluded to get Trump elected. Now that we are where we are, Julian Assange becomes the latest individual whose testimony can hurt Hillary and when someone manages to get themselves in that position they don’t usually live very long.

    1. Remember when Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne? You would have you would have thought they would want to know the truth behind it all, but they didn’t. Why? Because money talks. Could this be the same? Be interesting to find out.

  6. I am sure the parents were offered a deal they couldn’t resist like keep your mouths shut or you will be next!

  7. Rich’s parents filed a suit against Fox News in March, 2018. If the case was dismissed in August 2018, then why did Fox News file an appeal. Had Fox New filed a counter-suit to recover its costs and damages, and both cases were dismissed?

  8. Seth Rich was on Bernie’s campaign, saw the
    way he got cheated by DNC and HRC on delegates. Took
    Revenge on same with a gig stick, he didn’t
    Hack, just a download from server. pretty quick,
    Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz’s Pakistani I.T.
    People had lax security, Easy Peezy. Arkancide
    is a good description, not robbery!

  9. My understanding is that Hillary and Debbie came up with a plan to scam Bernie voters in the primaries. By uploading false information to the DNC website, the voters would show up at fake voting locations where their ballots would be collected, altered, and then delivered to the proper precinct to be counted. Seth’s job was to maintain the website. When he discovered the bogus polling locations he tried to report it but know one would listen to him.

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