GOP Candidate Criticizes Biden For His Pathetic Border Security

The Democratic party has actually “walked away” from Hispanic Americans who support police and border patrol representatives, according to Republican House candidate Mayra Flores. Joe Biden isn’t assisting Latinos by “encouraging”  illegal immigration with his policies,” Flores included throughout an interview with the candidate following the launch of the House GOP’s Hispanic Leadership Trust.

According to current polls, Flores is leading Democrat candidate Dan Sanchez ahead of the June 14 unique election for the uninhabited South Texas seat of Rep. Filemon Vela, who resigned in late March to take an economic sector task as a lobbyist.

Flores elaborated on the message she is providing to Hispanic homeowners in the 34th Congressional District of Texas, who have actually chosen Democrats in the past.

“What I tell them is that as your next congresswoman I will put my district first,” Flores said told Just the News. “I will put you first, and I will treat this district like my home, and we need to start taking care of our own home first, and if we’re able to help our neighbors, of course, we will, but as your next congresswoman, I will always put you first. And that resonates with them.

“And the border security issue, it’s affecting them tremendously. It’s right next to us, you know, we’re not seeing it on TV. We’re seeing it right there. It’s right in our backyard. And our border patrol agents are constantly also being disrespected.”

Flores, who is wed to a border patrol representative, stated the district she is a candidate for has an individual connection to the crisis taking place at the southern border under the Biden administration..

“My husband is a border patrol agent, but there are border patrol agents, our neighbors, they are our daughters, they are familia,” she said. “So the constant disrespect on our law enforcement is very personal to us, and that is just not who we are in South Texas. We are very law enforcement friendly. We we support them 100%. So the Democrat Party has just walked away from us.”

Biden has actually reversed a series of Trump-era migration policies, a change that Republicans argue has actually added to the record variety of migrants crossing unlawfully into the U.S. During a Cinco de Mayo event at the White House, Biden restored his mandate for extensive migration reform that uses a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Republican leaders have actually stated that Biden’s narrative of a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants motivates more migrants to make the unsafe trek to U.S.

Flores turned down the argument that the Biden administration and the Democratic Party are assisting Hispanic immigrants with their policies and guarantees of citizenship.

“Explain to me,” she said,” how having immigrants crossing a dangerous river, having to go through rape and abuse and having to pay criminal organizations thousands of dollars — how is that helping anyone? If we really want to help someone, if we really want to help the immigrants, we would focus on legal immigration and the process: How can we encourage good people to come to this country and do it the right way, where they don’t have to go through such a dangerous journey?

“Over 60% of women and children are being abused. I have children, I just can’t imagine — and no one should have to go through that for the American dream. I want the American dream for children and of course, other people who are coming from other countries. I’m from Mexico, of course I want that opportunity, but I want every child to have the same experience that I had when I came here to this country.”

As a member of Congress, candidate Flores stated she would look to “enhance the legal process” for people looking to get into the U.S. from other nations, instead of promoting amnesty.

“If we really care about immigrants, we would focus on legal immigration, and not illegal immigration, which is hurting not only the American people, but them as well,” she said. “And it’s honestly heartbreaking to see what’s happening in South Texas. It’s really inhumane that we’re seeing these things happen and that the Biden administration continues to encourage this. It’s really heartbreaking.”

H/T Just The News

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