Democrats avoid discussing Joe Biden's slave owning ancestors

WOW: Biden Family Darkest Secret REVEALED… Democrats Freaking Out as Details Emerge

Democrats have become too comfortable with cancel culture, and the hypocrisy that goes along with it. Cancelling Republicans, historical figures, and even icons on cereal boxes, but not Joe Biden?

The hypocrisy is blatantly obvious when Democrat Governor Ralph Northam isn’t cancelled for a picture dressed in either a Klan outfit or in blackface, and Jimmy Kimmel has yet to be cancelled for a comedy sketch, in blackface, making fun of Karl Malone. Democrats seem to be immune to cancellation.

Joe Biden has so far been able to avoid being cancelled, even as Kamala Harris brought up during the debates that Biden worked side by side with segregationists. Biden also hasn’t been cancelled for his work on the 1994 crime bill, which sent many black Americans to prison. For all of the offensive statements Biden has made throughout his career, and all of the actions he has taken that directly contradict leftist orthodoxy, he has yet to be cancelled.

Slave Owners

Democrats have repeatedly attacked President Trump’s family in their attempts to cancel him, even going after his children, while completely ignoring Biden’s family. In a new exposé, Glenn Beck has found that Joe Biden’s family owned slaves. Will this finally be too much for Democrats’ double standards to bear?

This new information from Glenn Beck may offer another explanation as to why Joe Biden’s campaign keeps him so insulated. The Left and the media have primarily focused on Biden’s mother’s side of the family when discussing the Biden family tree, praising and emphasizing his hard-working Irish ancestry. “Lunch Box Joe” reportedly comes from a long line of blue collar coal miners.

The media and the Democrats have either ignored or avoided Biden’s father’s side of the family, despite the fact that, according to Glenn Beck, Biden is “very proud of that part of his family. It’s where his middle name comes from. Joe ROBINETTE Biden.”

In Glenn Beck’s exclusive on Joe Biden’s family tree, he has revealed that Biden is the 5th generation descendant of Maryland slave owner Jesse Robinette, through his paternal grandmother Mary Biden (maiden name Robinette). According to his research, Jesse Robinette owned 16 slaves.

Glenn Beck provides three PDF files of evidence documenting the research that found slave ownership in Biden’s family. Those documents can be found here.

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