Trump Attempts to Provide the Goods

It would have stopped Trump’s political show trial if he could have read it and have the judge accept it as evidence. Trump had a piece of paper in his jacket that would have ended the case right there but he wasn’t allowed. It was a disclaimer notice. It’s common in financial transactions and it suggests that all parties need to do their due diligence before lending money.

Trump knows

He knows this is all a farce. The $250 million civil lawsuit brought by the politically motivated New York Attorney General Leticia James wants to prove that the Trump organization tried to inflate what his property was worth to try to get more favorable terms.

There is no victim here. Nobody was harmed in this transaction. Everybody has been paid on the agreed upon terms.

Trump tried

People involved in the Manhattan financial scene aren’t stupid or green. They’ll make sure all paperwork is correct before lending money so certain things are approved in writing. You don’t just lend on a person’s word.

It’s equally stupid to assume that the state’s Attorney General is going to do a better job of watching money than the very well paid bank officials did when she can’t even keep her own state from bleeding funds or losing people. Letitia James campaigned on the promise of “getting Trump” so that’s what she’s doing, regardless what damage is done to New York law.

Odds against Trump

James has on her team New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron who has let the world know how much he also hates Trump.  There has been no love lost either way.

Engoron had already ruled in September that Trump had committed fraud.  The penalties are what’s currently in question. It makes perfect sense that the President isn’t allowed to read that important piece of evidence.  It would throw the whole mess out.

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