Corrupt Govt. Had ‘Enemies List’ of Powerful US Republicans

Judicial Watch just gave journalist Sara Carter a heads up that her name was mentioned on a list of enemies compiled by the Ukrainian Embassy, confirming her earlier reporting. The State Department finally coughed up a bunch of records that they asked for back in October. Once the watchdog group got a chance to look them over, they noticed many high profile Republicans and conservative journalists including Donald Trump Jr. and Sean Hannity were also included. One of the most surprising things revealed in the documents is that the Embassy was keeping tabs on reporters who covered not just Ukrainian Ambassador Yovanovitch, they also went after anyone who wrote about any ties George Soros had with Ukraine.

A list of enemies

The freshly declassified State Department records clearly confirm that “the U.S. Embassy in Kiev monitored the Twitter accounts of 13 people.” Not just ordinary people, most were conservative reporters, “including Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.” John Solomon, who’s name also appears told Hannity the report “smacks of an enemies list.”

After the team at Judicial Watch got done combing through the pile, they ended up with documents which prove that U.S. State Department officials were watching the twitter accounts of American citizens and specifically watching for any use of certain specific terms in their reporting. Not only that, they were using taxpayer money to compile their illicit list.

They wanted to know everything that was being said about the U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine. They keyed in all varieties they could think of to cover “Ukraine” “Ambassador” “Marie” “Yovanovitch.” While it’s understandable that the embassy would be concerned about things written about the ambassador which might be detrimental, things get spooky when you learn that they also were monitoring terms related to “Clinton campaign,” “Biden-Burisma,” and even “Ukraine Soros.” They obviously kept a list of anyone interested in those things so they could target them for further “attention,” as needed.

Spying on social media accounts

Sara Carter told the world all about it last fall when she wrote that sources “had confirmed that members of the media, including myself and 12 others, ‘were having their social media accounts spied on by members of the Ukrainian embassy.'” Yes Sara, there really is an enemy list and you really are on it.

Judicial Watch followed her lead. Since they knew about the list, they went on a fishing trip. They demanded that the State Department hand over “all records pertaining to the scope of the monitoring to be conducted and individuals subject to it as well as records documenting the information collected pursuant to the monitoring.” It took them nearly a year to go through it word by word so they could black out the best parts with a black magic marker.

Along with the journalists they expected to find, Judicial watch was stunned to see that Donald Trump Jr. and Rudy Giuliani are also on the enemy list. Ms. Yovanovitch worked her way up through the ranks as “a career diplomat.” After serving at “embassies in Kyrgyzstan and Armenia,” Barack Obama sent her to the Ukraine in 2016. Nobody heard her name until “Yovanovitch testified behind closed doors during the House impeachment inquiry against Trump.” Now we’re learning why.

  1. As the freedom loving citizens of the nation nervously watch those who have sworn to “Protect and Defend”, can the question be asked? Who will step up to ensure the Constitution is not used as a simple toothless composition that for centuries has been a shield for those who are encouraged to defend themselves. It would appear that our forefathers had the correct answer when the Redcoats, dispatched to the colonies by King George, were met with the savage hearts of freedom loving men with guns. Somewhere, in the history books, a Redcoat complained, ” They hide behind trees and boulders, while we are forced to drop to a knee while our comrades behind us stand up and fire unprotected just as we did also while unprotected. Yes, the British, at that time, believed themselves invincible and also believed that their enemies would ” wave the white flag” the moment the Redcoats left the boat. Now there is a sense of superiority needed to be humiliated. Speaking of that, do the leftist liberals and their support elements, actually believe they can hire ” ner do wells” to fight against FREEDOM LOVING patriots, an expect to win? Just what do they expect the patriots to do, sit on our hands and watch the proudest and courageous country be humiliated by those who are neither honorable or moral. When a CAUSE as important as ” Black Lives Matter” is HI JACKED into uncontrollable violence, death, theft and fires of destruction, something has to be done, SOONER than later. I will hazard a guess that many of the Clintonites did not bargain for such radical, violent change, nor did the Trump supporters. One thing I am sure of, too many men, women and children have died as a result of POWER HUNGRY egotist and there are SUFFICIENT patriotic veterans and citizens of this great Republic, who WILL NOT standby and see their country destroyed. Make damn sure your POWDER is dry.

  2. Another obama/soros traitor…ok Bill Barr when are you gonna do your job?
    Or are you DEEP deep state obama swamp dweller?

  3. Once again the far right is deficient in ‘enemy’ recognition. Actually I don’t ever call political opponents the enemy as the militant right does. If you remember back that far, it was Richard Nixon who first had an enemies list of political opponents. Are we returning to the days of ‘tricky Dickie’ politics; I guess the comparison of crooked RMN and Pres. Trump is inevitable with the 4-year span of serial lawbreaking and Constitution ignoring. Only military brainwashed people think of domestic politics as warfare when it’s simply differences of opinion on national goals and methods. We, the People, should all revere and abide the goals of the nation for 1. defense and 2. general welfare provision. But anarchists, posse comitatus, rioters for Trump and unmarked policing forces in cities may not. There are not good people on that side of the march lines, on the other side of the aisle, on the evil side of voter and citizen oppression and repression. It must stop at all costs starting with persecuting our opponents like Pres. Trump always seems to do ala dictatorship and ala Putin.

    1. Your cockamamie post wreaks of the disinformation leftists traffic in regularly.

      Nixon was right to have an enemies list. Leftists are the enemies of freedom. Now that you people have been caught red-handed, all you can do is deflect.

      We need to start to open fire on any and all Antifa members.

    2. You should learn how to properly do a letter. Your comment rambles on with no meaningful insight as to what you intend to state. I suspect that Trickie Dick was not the first president to maintain an enemies list. Most likely all of them have, at least that would make sense. We do need to have civility between the many sides of an argument. They may disagree, but be able to go out to dinner together. That is the way it should be. As far as Putin supporting Trump, nothing could be further from the believable. The Russians need to sell oil and gas to the world in order to support their government and their citizens. Trump, by speeding up the search for oil and gas and the production of gasoline and diesel products he effectively cut the amount of money that the Russians could generate. As far as the Chinese are concerned, Trump has already ordered that our pharmaceuticals be made here in the US. These drugs were outsourced to China and other places solely for profits and that is a poor reason per Trump. My personal experience is that the Chinese make great toys, but critical goods are not well made in CHina. Their tools suck, in the nuclear power world, chinese materals are not allowed to be used as they have bad quality control, falsify laboratory test results, etc.

    3. You win the Steely Dan award for that flipping of the truth. It’s a long stretch from Nixon to Dem supporters tracking Republicans and conservative media. And, why were they concerned about any Biden-Burisma info if they weren’t trying to protect Biden from that nefarious activity?

    4. get off the russian thing, would ya? it has been debunked again and again and again, yet you liberals keep spreading lies about it…you sound like Schitt

  4. Water board Yovanovicht. She’ll sing like a canary then put her in a cell. If she wants a cell mate, give her Lois Lerner another government POS.

  5. People should google Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and see the testimony she did before Congress to see just how much of a lying, arrogant, conceited selfish socialist SCUMBAG she is.

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