Pete Buttigieg REFUSAL…

The Transportation Secretary is way too quiet after the Ohio train derailment.  Republican lawmakers are disgusted with him too.  The derailment happened Feb. 3 and it’s been burning for days.  Local officials evacuated the area.  To avoid an explosion the remaining chemicals were ignited in a controlled burn, sending the carcinogen vinyl chloride into the air.  Pete Buttigieg is focused on the wrong thing.

Buttigieg is worried about racial equity

He spoke at the National Association of Counties Conference about the lack of racial diversity in the construction industry.  Republicans shouldn’t need to bring this to his attention but that’s what happened.

Lauren Boebert spoke on social media, “Pete Buttigieg has finally emerged today. Not a single comment about the train crash in Ohio.  Instead, he bemoaned the whiteness of the construction industry. It’s a miracle that this country is able to function at all under this regime.”

Republicans noting the Buttigieg silence

Paulina Luna from Florida thought he should be questioned.  Lance Gooden of Texas said he “hasn’t said a word” and it’s been nine days since the accident.

Norfolk Southern has been cooperating and has provided the EPA with a list of cars affected by the event and what they were carrying.  There were a couple of other toxic chemicals spilled such as ethylene glycol monobutyl ether and ethylhexyl acrylate.

Where’s Buttigieg?

Republican Andy Biggs of Arizona wondered, “The recent train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio is nothing short of a tragedy.  This is another transportation failure under Mayor Pete’s leadership. Where is he?”

Officials thought he was hired because he checked at least one box, homosexuality, rather than knowing anything about transportation.  He was on paid leave while adopting twins as the country’s supply chain fell apart.  He vacationed in Portugal with the threat of a rail strike and he’s used taxpayer funded private jets multiple times even as he professes to care about the environment.

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