Report: Biden Releases his Destruction Goons While Keeping Patriots Locked Up

The people behind the destruction of our cities last year will be allowed to go free with no prosecution under the Biden Administration. Rioters in Portland and elsewhere will have dozens of federal charges against them dropped altogether under the new direction being taken by the Justice Department. These leftist rioters, who have caused massive amounts of damage to the city, will be allowed to continue with no consequences at all.

Charges dropped for violence and destruction

In multiple cities this year rioters have had all of their charges dropped for their parts in the destruction that came last Summer after the death of George Floyd.

That violence and destruction was arguably the most widespread and dangerous America has ever seen, with nearly ever urban center in the country exploding into chaos which authorities did nothing to stop.

Now it seems American cities and prominent leftists are readying their forces for another Summer of looting and burning by enabling these individuals who were arrested last year.

In Atlanta , where almost 600 arrests were made during the rioting, a majority of cases are set to be dismissed under pressure from local activists.

It seems the small fraction of those who were apprehended for their crimes last year will now be narrowed even further as most will face no real consequences at all.

Among the cases being dismissed in Portland are serious charges of assaulting police officers, including one rioter who admitted to placing an officer in a chokehold.Destruction

Rioters freed to loot and burn again

The Trump Administration already struggled immensely to quell the violence and destruction last year, with city, state, and federal officials all working to undermine any efforts.

Now these same rioters are being told by the Biden Administration that there will be no legal consequences for violent rioting.

This will, of course, only apply to left wing protesters serving the will of the politicians and corporations which promote and support their activities.

For patriotic Americans who, say, took a poorly timed stroll through their Capitol, there will be no mercy from the Biden administration or from activist groups.

Under this twisted regime being a patriot who is unwilling to kneel to all of the madness makes you a threat. Being behind the destruction of cities and looting of major cities is perfectly fine in the eyes of the authorities, just as long as you’re willing to target the right people.

Americans should prepare themselves for another potential Summer of chaos, knowing that those who were behind that last have been given carte blanche to do it all again.

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