Biden Leaked Phone Call

A phone call that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko got from then Vice President Joe Biden, on November 16, 2016 was leaked during a press conference in Ukraine on Wednesday.

The audio tape reveals that one week after Donald Trump was elected as the incoming president, Quid Pro Joe assured his buddy that he would keep working behind the scenes to accomplish their Deep State conspiracies and didn’t “plan on going away.” We now know that the Russian spooks were indeed listening, because a confirmed Russian agent just played the tape.

Biden ratted out by an ‘active Russian agent’

Andriy Derkach, often described as a pro-Russian Ukrainian member of Parliament, was identified as an “active Russian agent” and sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department last week, charged with “foreign interference in the U.S. election.” He held a press conference to address the scandal on Wednesday, and for a response, he played a disturbing audio clip. J

oe Biden would have been totally aware, from his time on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as well as his work as vice president, that his call was being recorded by the Ukrainians. He should also have known that Russian intelligence services would be listening in. That didn’t stop him from babbling some rather valuable intelligence.

The call was supposed to be about visas. The incoming administration’s immigration stance threatened the number of visas available to Ukrainians which would make it a lot harder to plant spies.

Biden admitted that nobody seriously expected Trump to win. Even the Trump campaign was caught off guard. “Quite frankly, like most of America, they didn’t think they were going to win the election, so they did not have a fulsome transition team.” The real problem, Joe explained, was that he wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone about anything important.

Transition, he notes “requires the exchange of classified information and the like.” He admitted to Ukraine and Russia that the incoming Trump admin had not been cleared. He didn’t mention that was because the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation had already started, but it had. And Joe was up to Obama’s ears in it.

Poroshenko wasn’t happy to lose his ally in Washington, after all, Burisma was paying Hunter Biden a fortune to do absolutely nothing. That would be wasted money without an insider in the White House. Poroshenko praised Joe for his “enormous role in bringing peace to my country, and actually save my country.

This is my real feeling.” Joe took the flattery with grace, assuring his friend that he didn’t plan on going away just because Trump was elected. “Well, you’re awfully generous. I don’t plan on going away. As a private citizen, I plan on staying deeply engaged in the endeavor that you have begun and we have begun.” He had something in the works he couldn’t talk about but he was pretty sure it would be pulled off. “At least that’s my objective.” He was worried that Trump’s team was starting to smell a rat. He was worried that “they will think I’m trying to game them. They will think I am trying to put them in a corner.” If he paid the Ukraine a quick visit as invited, “they will question my motives in going before they are fully briefed. And I’m sure you understand that, you’re a good negotiator.” What he was saying is “read between the lines.”

What it all means

All of the political palace intrigue going on here needs a play by play score card. It starts with Joe Biden admitting that Barack Obama’s plumbers “sought to sabotage the incoming Trump administration.” In the phone call, creepy Joe badmouthed the deplorables moving into the White House.

All by itself, that’s “inappropriate.” It was only the first move. Things really get sinister when you consider Joe’s statement that “I don’t plan on going away. As a private citizen, I plan on staying deeply engaged in the endeavor that you have begun and we have begun.” Reading between the lines, he was telling Poroshenko that things were going on behind the scenes which he couldn’t talk about.


He also was setting up what amounts to “a foreign policy backchannel.” That would violate the Logan Act. The same iffy piece of legislation which Joe Biden himself suggested to use against Retired General Michael Flynn.

Who was president Trump’s incoming National Security adviser, and coincidentally the guy who nobody was allowed to talk to. They already decided Flynn was going to take a fall as one of the dominoes to overthrow President Trump and regain control.

The worst thing he did was tip off Russian Intelligence that “there were things he couldn’t share about his country with the incoming administration,” because, “they weren’t cleared.” After all the facts are in and the investigations complete, we know for 100 percent certain that “the Trump administration did not in fact collude with Russia.”

What Biden blabbed was a goldmine to the spooky spy community. Whether Russians had infiltrated Trump or not, they were already tapping the Ukrainians, so every word “would have almost certainly tipped them off that something was amiss, placing our national security in grave danger.”

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