Alert: Mass Looting and Vandalism Over Night After Governor Makes Announcement

If he would have just listened to police and dropped the weapon he’d still be alive. If a mentally ill person was already in the hospital and became violent, he’d be subdued in a different manner. The trick is getting him in there without getting yourself killed. As the result of another black man being killed for threatening officers, there was looting and vandalism in Philadelphia for a second night.

Vandalism equals terrorism

You don’t know who is going to get hit and how hard. Foot Locker, Rite Aid, Walmart, T-Mobile and other retail stores were looted.

The vandalism is a temper tantrum that hurts everybody, including the vandal. It doesn’t make any sense. Lost jobs, insurance increase that the store may or may not be able to absorb and people still need the stock that was in that store. Where is your neighbor going to go if they can’t get something they need?

Vandalism requires that government step up

Because there are innocent people that still need protection. The elderly and children may not be able to protect themselves.

In a wonderful surprise, Democratic Governor Tom Wolf ordered the National Guard to step in. The police were also allowed to defend their precinct when BLM threatened. It’s awful close to election time and Democrats have been having their constituents threaten their livelihood. You CAN be replaced!

Vandalism is not the answer

Even victims’ relatives have asked that people not do this. George Floyd’s brother and Breonna Taylor’s mother had asked the looters to stand down.

But everything turns political now. BLM was only too happy to aid in the destruction, chanting, “Every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground!”

Over 30 officers were hurt in retaliation, including a 56 year old sargeant who suffered a broken leg in a deliberate hit and run.

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