Epstein Maxwell Dirty Damage Control

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers didn’t have any luck keeping her 400 page deposition from the Virginia Roberts case sealed, so the scandalous parts are beginning to surface. The first batch shows that Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell jumped on dirty trick damage control efforts right away.

Epstein suggested Maxwell offer a reward

The obvious answer for any millionaire to a pesky problem is throw money at it to make it go away. They tried that scheme when Virginia Giuffre Roberts cried underage rape. Epstein “told Ghislaine Maxwell to offer a reward to anyone who could discredit Virginia Roberts after she accused them of rape.”

Epstein suggested, “you can issue a reward to any of Virginia’s friends, aquaints, (sic) family, that come forward to help prove her allegations are false.”

The pair kicked around the idea of writing “a letter to the editor.” It looks like they did it too because The Mail on Sunday published a Roberts related story on the subject “age of consent.” Epstein wrote in an email, “we should think about the letter to the editor.

School can be university. Age of consent in Florida is complex.” Maxwell also wrote a letter “that was intended to be sent to newspaper editors” It accused Roberts of “fleeing the U.S.” to “avoid being arrested for grand theft.”

It was a complete hoax but Ghislaine verbally fenced in her deposition, “I believe she stole money from somewhere where she worked.” Not very specific so they couldn’t catch her in a lie. When lawyers asked how she knew that, she answered, “I don’t know how I know that.”

Epstein volunteered to have his girlfriend come forward to shield Maxwell, which she had been wanting for a while anyway. That woman’s name is redacted but was probably the one who kept a dental chair in his Florida mansion and was married to another of their female sex slaves, Karyna Shuliak. Ghislaine wanted the revelation because “the press” had been “characterizing” her as “with Jeffrey” when she hadn’t been. She was more into girls. One email dated January 24, 2015 reads, “I would appreciate it if your would come out and say she was your girlfriend.

I think she was from the end of ’99 to 2002.” In her deposition she added, “I’m sure I would loved anybody to come out and say they were with Jeffrey rather than me.”

An underage orgy

In 2015, Roberts sued Epstein and Maxwell claiming they’d defamed her by calling her a liar in her public after she accused them of pimping her out to celebrities including Prince Andrew. Out of her accusations, Epstein wrote, “The strongest is the dinner and the new version of the Virgin Islands that practiced in an underage orgy.”

In her deposition, Maxwell swore up and down that no such rewards were ever offered. When they asked her, “absolutely not,” she responded. Someone advised Ghislaine, which she passed along to Jeffrey, “If you are 16 years old, a sexual relationship with someone between 18 and 24 is legal in Florida.”

That was an issue because “Virginia in ’11 was claiming she was 15 and we thought she was 17. I didn’t know what the statutes were in Florida and I think he was just trying to be helpful so I would know,” she told the lawyers in the deposition.

Maxwell still claims she never witnessed “inappropriate underage activities” by Epstein. A lot of high powered people are cringing in fear over what else might come out of Ghislaine’s testimony. There’s still a bunch of things expected to come out of just this deposition transcript.

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