TERRIFYING Video is Making Parents Want to Pull Their Kids from Public School

A now-viral video reveals there is something seriously wrong as  COVID-19 mobile screening systems are conducting testing on children without parental consent. This is a little reminder to parents that we ought to constantly know what our public schools have actually been doing to our kids without our consent or even knowledge.

A man can be seen in a video confronting the workers at a COVID-19 mobile screening system carrying out COVID tests on a group of young kids. The tests were being administered outside the school and in the middle of the street.

Below is the exchange of discussion in between the gentleman who approached the grownups monitoring the kids and taking them to get the COVID-19 tests by means of WLT.

“Do the parents know you guys are doing this to the kids?” he asked.

“What?” one of the masked adults responded.

“Do the parents know that you’re doing this to the kids?”he replied.

After she ignored him, he asked: “Do you have to parent consensual forms to do this to the kids?”

“Do the parents know that you’re doing it to these kids?”

He asked the test administrator, “Excuse me ma’am do you know if the parents have consent to do this?”

After the test administrator ignored his questions, the man then shouted “no consent!”

“This is disgusting!”

“Indoctrinating our kids!”

“No parent consent,” he said.

Watch the video below:

Considering that the test administrators doing COVID-19 tests on our children not addressing the fundamental concern the gentleman is expressing, it’s uncertain if parental authorization was obtained to carry out these COVID tests, it’s revolting that any kid undergoes these widely defective, hazardous nasal swabs.

According to WLT, Children have absolutely no threat of extreme COVID-19 problems. Checking kids indoctrinates them to fear a disease no more hazardous than the cold.

Should you attempt to go to the LabQ site below is the message you’ll see:

We have been made aware of a recently released video of testing at a school, claiming that the school is testing their students without parental consent. It may also be insinuating such a claim against LabQ. Please know that LabQ does not test minors without the consent of their parents/ legal guardian.

As always, LabQ follows all laws and regulation for the proper testing of all patients especially as they pertain to minors. LabQ does not test a minor without a signed minor consent form with the required parent signature and release.

As a matter of fact – our registration system currently in-place does not allow for a minor to complete their profile without a signed minor consent form.

WLT commented further:

Pardon me if I don’t believe LabQ saying they do “not test minors without the consent of their parents/legal guardian.”

LabQ has testing locations in New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. A source confirmed to me that this incident took place in New York City.

Here are some reactions from folks online:

Sources: WLT, LabQ website,

H/T Patriot Nation Press

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