Election Drop Box Watchers Being Recruited

This is a great idea. The first person willing to watch those drop boxes and recruit others for the next election has signed up. Scott Presler responded when Kari Lake, the Trump endorsed front runner for the Arizona primary, tweeted out a call for help. Almost all, or 96%, of those on Lake’s tweet were willing to help. Volunteers might be better than video surveillance for on the spot human intervention.

Election surveillance

Lake tweeted a poll, “QUESTION: If there isn’t going to be 24-Hour Video Surveillance…Would you be willing to take a shift watching a drop box to catch potential Ballot Mules in the 2022 Election?” Presler responded he’d help, “Yes & I’ll help recruit volunteers.”

Lake answered and said we’ll need more due to the length of time involved, “Scott, Since we have a Election MONTH instead of Election Day – can you come to Arizona to make sure we have ALL Shifts covered watching these Unconstitutional drop boxes? Arizona loves you!”

Presler will help with the election

He’s a tenacious election integrity supporter and wants to help clean up America’s dangerous communities. Many drop boxes in the 2020 election weren’t secured and video surveillance has shown they were tampered with.   He recently utilized the sky high prices at the gas pump to register new members of the Republican party.

The film “2000 Mules” by Dinesh D’Souza showed evidence of ballot trafficking and methods used by police to track people. A “mule” is defined as somebody who collects ballots from non profit and activist organizations and puts them in those boxes, sometimes in a different state.

The election needs to be kept above board

Kari Lake isn’t afraid of the Democrats and she’s not likely to pull punches. They’re probably furious at her tweet about the drop boxes and mules and she doesn’t care. Many people think the Democrats cheated and if that can be stopped, all the better.

Others offered up thoughts in response to the call such as, Ballot Mules Beware!! We’re comin’ for you!” and “Need to return to paper ballots only and one day voting, nothing else can stop the vote thieves (Democrat rats)”.

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