Critical Supplies Intentionally Infected With ‘Biological Agent’

Hanover Township Police arrested an unidentified suspect who intentionally infected a supermarket by coughing all over the food. A Pennsylvania woman “likely faces criminal charges for coughing.” She may even be charged with terrorism after spreading a “biological agent.” This wasn’t a case of someone who simply missed covering her mouth. The sick and twisted behavior forced employees to trash thousands of dollars worth of food during a critical shortage of supplies.

Criminal charges for intentionally coughing on the food

Police in Hanover Township Pennsylvania aren’t releasing the name of the woman they arrested on what could turn out to be domestic terrorism. They’re waiting on a psychological fitness report. Officials are also anxious to see the results of her COVID-19 test. Just because she was coughing all over the groceries doesn’t mean she had the Kung Flu. They “don’t believe she’s infected,” but “will make every effort to see that she is tested.”

None of the employees suspected anything out of the ordinary when the woman entered one of the Garrity’s chain of grocery stores. By the time someone noticed she was intentionally coughing all over “produce, bakery items, meat and other merchandise” it was too late.

According to Co-owner Joe Fasula, “Staff quickly removed her from the store.” They called the police right away but it was several hours before the woman was in custody. Chief Albert Walker insists the woman “intentionally contaminated” the food, and “they plan to file criminal charges against her once her mental health treatment concludes.”


Thousands of dollars worth of wasted food

Store employees had no choice except to throw away every single item the woman came into contact with. By the time they counted it all up, they say the items totaled a whopping $35,000. They worked directly with the local health inspector to review security footage so they could “identify and disinfect areas she entered.”

“I am absolutely sick to my stomach about the loss of food,” Mr. Fasula relates. “While it is always a shame when food is wasted, in these times when so many people are worried about the security of our food supply, it is even more disturbing.”

It isn’t clear at this time what the maniac will be charged with but the Department of Justice confirmed Wednesday that “spread the novel coronavirus could be charged with terrorism.” a New Jersey man has already been accused of making “terroristic threats.” Police claim he “purposely coughed on a grocery store employee and said he had coronavirus.” According to a DOJ bulletin, “the virus meets the criteria for a ‘biological agent,’ and threatening to spread it or ‘use Covid-19 as a weapon against Americans’ could constitute a terrorist threat.”

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