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Child is Dead After His Biden Loving Father Put an End To His Life

The Fairmont Police Department has released more information about an incident which left a 4-year-old child dead as a result of abuse suffered while in the care of Walter Richardson, 33, of Fairmont.

Psycho murders a young innocent child

In an updated criminal complaint with new charges for Richardson, officers with the Fairmont Police Department state that when they arrived on scene, they observed Richardson “with visible blood on his clothing.”

The 4-year-old boy, among his other injuries, had “lacerations to his lips and broken teeth,” and the child’s mother stated that the boy “was healthy and uninjured when she left for work,” according to the complaint.

The boy was left in the custody of Richardson, who is the mother’s boyfriend, at that time, officers said.

After waiving his Miranda rights, Richardson told officers that he and the 4-year-old boy “were alone at home after the boy’s mother left for work”; Richardson told officers that “he then began wrestling with the child until he became injured,” according to the complaint.

child abuse case arrest

Young boy never had a chance around that monster

Richardson “did not immediately call emergency services upon the 4-year-old becoming injured,” officers said, and when the boy was examined at the hospital, he had “in excess of 50 injuries,” to his body.

According to the press release, on March 6 it was determined that “the young child no longer had any neurological activity.”

Later, on March 8 “all bodily functions ceased,” and the boy was declared dead, at which point he was taken to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Charleston for an autopsy, officers said.

On March 9 the previous charges of malicious wounding, child abuse resulting in injury and transferring/receiving stolen goods against Richardson were dismissed; Richardson is now charged with first-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death, according to the release.

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