They Just Opened Fire on Protesters, 2 Murdered and Dozens Injured…Biden Admin SILENT

Myanmar’s military “junta” government used live ammunition on Saturday against peaceful protesters in Mandalay. Two murders are confirmed and dozens were injured by the bullets. So far, His Wisdom Joe Biden and the Palace aren’t saying a word about the human rights violations. They’re waiting for orders from their globalist world government handlers before they decide if they’re for or against them.

Protesters face live bullets

Myanmar used to be called Burma. It’s a crossroads between Bangladesh, India, China, Laos, and Thailand and it was under what we would call “martial law” from 1962 to 2011. After a decade of freedom, the military took back over in 2021.

They taught their deplorable protesters a deadly lesson on Saturday, using live bullets and shooting to kill. The Biden regime hasn’t weighed in yet.

What authorities are calling “the first two” confirmed deaths were reported by “police using live fire on anti-coup protesters.” There have been rumors floating around that “security forces may have been using live ammo to quell large protests against the junta.” They’re true.

The army has been in control of the country since the arrests of civilian leaders in the February 1 coup. There seems to be a lot of that going around.

Now that Associated Press reported on it, the rumors can no longer be denied. “Two anti-coup protesters were shot dead by riot police who fired live rounds Saturday in Mandalay, Myanmar’s second-largest city.”

AP also reported that “One of the victims was shot in the head and died at the scene.” The other “was shot in the chest and died en route to the hospital.”

30 others shot

In a separate story, the AP also reported that “about 30 others were injured in the same clash at the Yadanarbon shipyard.” For those who don’t believe the news reports, “there also appears to be confirmation via gruesome social media videos now circulating widely on internet protest channels, despite authorities’ attempts to impose a firewall and social media ban across the entire country.”

The underground protesters have social media censorship there in a big way. It’s a clue of what conservatives in America can look forward to.

Despite the Burmese version of the National Guard patrolling the streets for deplorable anti-government protesters, “mass rallies have continued to grow over the past two weeks.”

The “very large military presence in the streets” includes armored vehicles. The latest “declaration of martial law based on ’emergency powers’ of the military” has been “in effect for at least one year.”

Elsewhere in the nation, dissidents are up against violence on a daily basis. “Police used force for a second straight day Friday to arrest protesters in Myitkyina, the capital of the remote northern state of Kachin.”

The “Kachin ethnic minority has long been in conflict with the central government, and there has been an intermittent armed struggle against the army there for decades.”

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