Denver City Attempts To Shut Down USPS…Then USPS Fires Back

On Thursday, The Denver Department of Public Health and Environment tried to stop all mail delivery in Colorado and Wyoming. The decision was totally based on sketchy, unconfirmed, and inaccurate reports. Uncle Sam blasted back, telling the city and county officials just which slot to stick their public safety order in.

Denver tried to stop the mail in two states

The United States Post Office has a new motto. “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds, not even the department of health.”

The City and County of Denver ordered the closure of a crucial distribution center which serves as a hub handling every piece of mail in or out of Colorado and Wyoming. The heavy handed bureaucrats wanted to chop off all service to around 6.5 million people.

The health department claims it “responded to clusters of COVID-19 cases involving multiple employees at several USPS locations over the last week.” They refuse to say exactly how many “confirmed cases” the distribution center had. They went to the facility to take a look around but didn’t get a full tour.

Only minimal observations made

Denver’s medical officials walked into the facility unannounced and were unsurprisingly told to go away. They had no right to even be there in a federal facility. They sniveled about it in their report. Staff, they wrote, could only make “minimal observations” because of “the refusal of information and access to the facility.”

They were stuck in the public lobby trying to look through the pass through window into the mega-facility. “The area the investigators were able to make observations from was a small public-facing space in comparison to the entire distribution warehouse buildings. They didn’t see anything wrong but tried to close them down anyway.

“In the general public post station,” they watched “three employees assisting customers with proper face coverings” They admit there were “plastic curtains separating each employee check-out station.” They were still in a snit Thursday evening, issuing a second statement.

A last resort

“USPS not only failed to provide the necessary information,” the Denver health officials complain, “but they have not allowed inspections to support complete outbreak investigations.” They don’t have to. They are an essential service.

“It certainly is not our intent to halt the delivery of mail or shut down an essential federal facility,” they claimed, as they tried to do it anyway. “This was a measure of last resort.” They claim it was the only way to get the government’s attention. They got it alright.

USPS Colorado wasted no time assuring their customers the mail will arrive on time. “The Denver Distribution Center remains open as we sort 10 million pieces of mail a day for every person in CO and WY including medications, stimulus checks, and election materials.” They told the Denver bureaucrats to take their order and stuff it. “We are meeting all CDC and federal guidelines for COVID-19. USPS is an Essential Service.”

According to USPS spokesperson James Boxrud, “the facility is federally owned and operated, and it is committed to following all guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” Not only that, “We strongly disagree with the Denver Public Health order, which was made without a visual verification, without advanced coordination with the team of postal employees working on these issues with Denver Public Health, and without the understanding of the Postal Service’s substantial, ongoing efforts to protect its employees and the public.”

  1. Yea, for USPS; moved to Denver in 1994, when it was still a commonsense “red state”; then the illegals and kalifornicators started trickling in. They made “chickenpooper” mayor of Denver, who promptly turned it into a sanctuary city. Everything got worse, especially crime. Then the fools made “chickenpooper” governor; guess what?? He promptly tried to turn Colorado into a sanctuary state. We got out in 2016 and moved to a different red state, one that has sense enough to stay red. That move came after liberal, fascist, socialist Boulder started raining on the City of Golden and ruined it forever! Coloradans have two choices, if they want to stay American and “free” – -either run the slimy radicals out, or move out yourselves!

    1. Trouble is we are running out of states to run to as the liberals like rats seem to spread out everywhere.

  2. The dems will do and/or say anything to take this country down. I wonder how much cash changed hands between the CCP and the buffoons in the dem/communist party?


  4. That would of messed up their mail in ballots. Did those democratic idiots think of that or was it one out of DC who figured out what a screw up the closure would of been to democrats?

  5. In the 1800s and still today the so-called progressives (truly regressive) supported socialist and communists in Europe as well as in the USA. They supported Lenin and his socialism/communism as well as Hitler and his NAZI (Nationalist Workers Party) and the fascists in Italy.
    George Soros was a Nazi supporter by his own admission. His own words.
    Soros should have been (and should be) tried as a World War II WAR CRIMINAL.
    By his own words Soros is a guilty WAR CRIMINAL.

  6. No one gets a full tour of a USPS Mail Sort Center.. especially the are where ballots are filtered, shredded and burned.

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