Town Declares New Kind Of Sanctuary City – They Are A Red Sanctuary For Businesses

In a Democratic state it’s going to be assumed the reason for opening up is due to falling revenue. However, at some point, even Democratic states will bankrupt if people aren’t working. Democrat states might strategically shut down businesses. Lotteries and gambling are still allowed. There’s another side to this though. People still need to earn a paycheck since the Washington Democrats are only looking out for themselves.

Sections of California may not agree with the governor insisting on keeping people safe. You can only keep people safe for so long though. We’re a free people and we’ll ignore laws in order to put food on the table.

Businesses started opening faster in red states

The city of Atwater in Merced County, CA has announced it’s a sanctuary city for business. Police and other law enforcement personnel will not be enforcing the lock down order. The council voted to allow businesses to reopen and adopt their own safety rules.

“This is America. You have the choice. It’s time for the government to stop dictating another month, another three months, six months,” said Atwater Mayor Paul Creighton. “When is it going to end? When everyone is bankrupt?”

It’s good to see government getting out of business owners’ faces and insisting on staying shut down. The Swedish government trusted its citizens to operate in a safe way. News gets around when the same results are achieved whether or not any safety measures were in place.

Maybe others will follow

People aren’t stupid, as much as Democrats might want you to believe. We’ll do our research, learn about the virus and see how others have handled it. We’ll learn what worked and what didn’t. Smart Americans will compare this illness with others.

We know there’s risk in simply getting out of bed in the morning. Many have decided the risk of passing away from COVID-19 might actually be preferable to passing from homelessness and starvation from not having an income. Mortgages still need to be paid, banks won’t hold off forever.

This is a city rule though, not the state. If a business holds a state license, opening may be in jeopardy. “We’re not looking to jeopardize anyone’s business. That’s a license you hold with the state of California. So, we don’t want to cause any harm there, use your best judgment,” Mayor Creighton said.

Anything to get back at Trump

And by extension, the people who voted for him. This attitude will likely continue til long after Trump and his family have passed away. Barron is barely a teenager so we’re in for a long haul. Some have suggested the virus will “magically disappear” in November. Others don’t think it will go away that quickly. If Trump is reelected, it will still be going on.  The economy is Trump’s baby.

  1. I’m trusting that our city (Clovis, CA) will follow also in Atwater’s footsteps. This is the first time in the recorded history of the U.S. that healthy people have been locked up (imprisoned) to “protect” them. Let’s use common sense and a gracious spirit to “get back to business”.

  2. There have been 34,000 less deaths so far this year than the four past years. 193,000 so far and according to the CDC 168,310 corona virus deaths. That makes 24,690 people who died of other causes of which 3,612 were murders so far this year bringing the total down to 21,078. Now stop and think, if in the last four years 227,000 people died and none because of corona but anywhere from 50 to 70,000 from flu related deaths how did our death rate go down yet if we deducted the highest number of flu deaths from the 193,000 it would leave a total of 123,000 who died from cancer, car accidents, murder, and other diseases but this year only 24,690 died of anything other than corona virus. How strange is that? Really, seriously, just how strange is it that 1 year out of five only 24,690 people died of other causes? Ya think we are being lied to or what? I sure do.

  3. So much of Colorado is very, very sick. Mentally ill/deranged. Several other states as well.
    But then that is typical of tyrants.

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