USPS Under a Microscope Following MEGA Scandal

It’s been an odd year for a lot of things, delivery companies included. UPS and Fedex have needed to utilize moving rental trucks to keep up with demand. It seems USPS has had to do the same thing. It gets weird when packages are just dumped in random places. This doesn’t help the suspicion around the election. Mail fraud involving ballots is a real possibility.

The USPS needs to be squeaky clean

Mail was caught on video being dumped at a Glendale, CA spa and in an alley about a half mile away. A Budget box truck backed into the parking lot of the 7Q salon. Several bags were thrown out.

Lilia Serobian is the co-owner of the salon. He took a cellphone video. “It was completely unusual. If they’re taking for their personal use, basically, why’d they have to drop off all the unopened packages somewhere.”

USPS is under Federal Law

You wonder what’s going on when you see something like this. “Of course it’s suspicious,” Serobian said. “You start thinking, ‘OK, something is going on,’ because no one has access to all those boxes and packages.”

USPS is undergoing changes

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy spoke with the Senate Homeland Security Committee. DeJoy said, “There have been no changes made with election mail.” He said all ballots would be treated as first class and expedited. There was a question as to what’s going to happen with the sorting machines. They might not be replaced.

Democrats are already ganging up on DeJoy. Over a half dozen Democrat Attorneys General have filed a lawsuit against DeJoy and the postal service over changes that could potentially delay ballot servicing. This is the second lawsuit, Another one had been filed by 13 attorneys general over postal operational changes.

USPS may not be removing the mail sorting machines. Previously they were going to be moved to focus on election mail but that might not have been the best decision.

  1. So what is the MEGA scandal being referred to here??? the packages being dumped?

    I learned sometime last year that the USPS workers were being completely overworked due to all the Amazon packages (that was a really bad decision on the USPS’s part to offer Amazon services well below cost even if they thought it would help them meet some of their fixed costs it actually increased their costs in the end with overtime and overworked their employees terribly). And their regular customers also bear the brunt of that with increased prices and delivery times. Bad business decision in my opinion.
    But the USPS hasn’t been running like a business (which is most of the problem really).

    They have cut out all overtime so in effect the mail carriers (or whoever dumped those packages) are so overworked that their supervisors insist they complete all deliveries before the end of the day and let’s say a worker has to be to his second job coaching or something else important and he knows that if he shows back up at work with packages still undelivered he will lose his job. There’s always more to the story. He may have thought he had no other choice and/or that whoever found the packages would just consider themselves lucky and say nothing and anyone waiting for any of those packages that got dumped would just file a claim with the USPS and get it replaced free anyways. But that also costs the USPS money to pay those claims out. So obviously the Amazon contract was not a good choice for anyone but Amazon and we are all paying the price. No one was concerned about this until the Demoncrats wanted to push their latest cheating scandal for mass mail-in voting.

    Take a look at the reality (and this is what I think people don’t get): The only processing that needs to take place is on the front end – delivering all those ballots to all the old, outdated mailing lists that are still being used. Many will be undeliverable. I still get ballots for the previous resident where I live and I have been here ten years!
    Here’s the key point here: No processing has to really take place when the ballots are being sent back in. The ballots are picked up from mail boxes all over that specific county and transported to the mail hub in that same county. They don’t even have to be sorted etc like regular mail. That specific mail hub for that specific county simply collects them all and transports them to the county clerks/registrars office in that county (or the county clerk can even send someone each day to pick them up). No real processing even needs to be done on that end (they just gather them together each day and send them to the county seat). The mail never leaves the county! So why would there be any problems or delays??? The proposed delays are only so the Demoncrats can cheat and fabricate a bunch of fake ballots.

  2. damn straight…this is an insider job…they need to find this truck and see who was driving the truck and explain to all American law abiding citizens why their mail was being dumped

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