Tactical Unit Deployed To Sanctuary Cities

President Donald Trump’s latest strike in the war against liberal “sanctuary cities,” which go out of their way to shield illegal aliens from deportation, is to give the Border Patrol “tactical” support. Highly trained Tactical Unit officers are being deployed to capture and remove the criminal trespassers.

The Tactical Unit takes charge

Fed up with city officials who thumb their nose at the law, President Trump ordered the Border Patrol Tactical Unit to invade America’s sanctuary cities and round up the illegal aliens who are hidden in the shadows. The effort will be coast-to-coast from Newark, New Jersey to San Francisco, California. Also targeted are the progressive hotbeds of Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, and Detroit.

These aren’t just average ICE agents. According to Reuters, “The Tactical Unit’s members undergo a ‘grueling’ training program designed to ‘mirror aspects’ of U.S. Special Operation Forces courses.” They usually work stopping riots at immigration detention centers. Their first tour of duty is expected to run from February into May.

Matthew Albence, the acting ICE Director, is thrilled. He’s been hollering for backup a long time. “ICE is utilizing CBP to supplement enforcement activity,” he relates. They’ve been overwhelmed by “the resource challenges stemming from sanctuary city policies.” Albence explains that the scofflaws endanger the public. “In jurisdictions where we are not allowed to assume custody of aliens from jails, our officers are forced to make at-large arrests of criminal aliens who have been released into communities.” They could just be picking them up at the local lockup already subdued. But no, liberals make them go out into gangland and hunt these people down where innocent bystanders might get caught in the crossfire.


Liberals are screaming in horror

Far-left socialist Ayanna Pressley, allegedly a lawmaker in progressive Massachusetts, immediately lashed out at the President. “Let us be clear, this move has nothing to do with public safety, but rather serves only to further the Trump Administration’s agenda to intimidate and retaliate against cities that uphold the dignity and humanity of our immigrant neighbors. We will not stand for this.”

Liberals intentionally ignore the whole point. These aren’t our “immigrant neighbors.” Those came through the front door, jumped through flaming-hoops of paperwork, paid enormous fees, and waited their turn. They are just as angry as any American who was born on U.S. soil. The people that the Tactical Unit will be rounding up and throwing out the door are lawbreakers. They may not all be murderers and rapists but they broke the law just by sneaking into the country.

Liberals of every shade jump on the open borders bandwagon pulled by George Soros. They would prefer you left your front door unlocked at night so that any stranger can wander in off the street, raid the fridge and plunk down on the sofa to watch pay-per-view on the household account. President Donald Trump won’t stand for that kind of behavior and he sent in the swat team. Conservative Americans can’t wait to get to the polls in November to show their appreciation.

  1. Aren’t all illegals illegal, breaking the law and thus a criminal?
    Isn’t it punishable by law to aid and abet a criminal?
    I would be prosecuted if I were aiding and abetting a criminal.
    Why not those citizens too? I really don’t understand how a whole city can get away with something that I can’t.

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