Shooting Children Not An Acceptable Solution

Ferguson, Missouri, is known to have some rough neighborhoods but Christian Goodson was all set to start shooting 6th graders over a bus stop scuffle. Helicopter parenting goes way over the top when you think waving a gun at children might be an acceptable solution. Quick thinking bus monitors kept all the kids safe.

Parent ready to start shooting

As the Johnson-Wabash 6th Grade Center’s bus number 541 pulled up to the stop at Fay and Canyon drives Wednesday morning, “a fight was happening at the bus stop.” As the children boarded the bus one of the parents tried to follow. His daughter was one of the combatants. The one who started it. According to the police report, Christian Goodson is charged with seven counts of child endangerment, two counts of unlawful use of a weapon, second-degree property damage and fourth-degree assault. A letter from Principal Tangie Francwar explains what happened.

As Goodson started to board the bus, “the driver and bus monitors tried to stop him.” They closed the door “but he pulled out a gun and broke out the bus’ door window.” Police confirm the pistol was loaded. “Fearing Suspect would open fire, a school bus monitor opened the door and allowed Suspect to enter the school bus.” He then charged into the bus with other parents close behind. Goodson “pointed the pistol at the driver, two monitors and seven middle school students” and babbled some nonsense at the middle-schoolers. “You got what you wanted,” he raged. “The students then ran to the back of the bus in fear of being shot.”

Brianna Bishop and her mom Lisa Bishop.

I didn’t understand why he had to get in the middle of kid drama,” said the other student involved in the fight, Brianna Bishop. A feud that had been brewing for a while boiled over that morning. The other girl “hit me out of nowhere,” Brianna insists. Her mom, Lisa Bishop, was scared. “my life flashed before my eyes,” she says. She asked Goodson, “this is kids. This is ‘he-say she-say’ why are you getting involved in this?” Not only that, why is he pulling a gun. Was he really ready to start shooting at kids? That is not good firearm safety and gives the second amendment a black eye. Parents need to be responsible and set an example.

Suspect arrested

After the terror attack, Goodson grabbed his two kids and left the scene as the bus driver radioed in for help. Berkely Police Department quickly responded and soon had Goodson in custody. Principal Francwar praised the driver, who “did a really good job of handling the situation.” The monitor also was commended for taking care of the students and moving them to the rear of the bus away from danger. She also offered counseling services to those who need them. “It could’ve been a lot worse. Lives could’ve been lost,” Lisa Bishop says.

  1. “Fearing Suspect would open fire, a school bus monitor opened the door and allowed Suspect to enter the school bus.”

    WHAT? Why didn’t he tell the bus driver ‘GET THIS THING MOVING!’ ?? Someone thought it was better to let a man with a gun get ON the bus? That person should be fired at once.

  2. Ferguson has lots of problems to confront but at least they have a chance now that Obama is no longer president and cannot interfere the way he did before!

  3. Two points of comment:
    1. Christian Goodson is 31.
    2. Ferguson…go figure.

    When you don’t make children play by the rules and hold them accountable when they are growing up, you get angry adults incapable of dealing with failure, and, well, reality.

  4. Kobe Bryant was a rapist but now black basketball players want him to be elected God-like! These folks need a class in “being civilized” instead of jungle rules.

    1. Ronny Potts don’t judge Kobe, he asked forgiveness, and moved on, you need too. He’s in heaven, with his daughter, where your going only you know, don’t judge.

  5. The Democrat solution to ending a fight. Remove the participants with extreme prejudice. The political party of piece.

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