Newsmax Cuts from Biden Speech ‘It’s a Tragedy, He’s Confused’

He sounded like he might be medicated so he had to read from the podium. He does have the authority to appropriate money for this and after over 47 years in government, he should know this. Bolling, Biden is just a figure in the White House. He does what he’s told. The federal government is going to provide coverage for the “first 30 days”. This is going to take longer than a month, Mr. President.

No, Biden doesn’t know what he’s talking about

He’s just in front of the cameras to make an appearance and talk to people, regardless that he might not make any sense. Democrats knew exactly what they were doing when they put Biden up against Trump. He’s somebody Democrats can hide behind.

Biden might have toured the area. But if his brain isn’t functioning properly, a tour is again just for the cameras. As much as you might want him to be a leader, he can’t be that leader.

Elder abuse

Mr. Bolling, you’re not the only one who thinks it’s a tragedy that Biden is in this position. Others have commented on the equivalent of abuse of the elderly. But all methods of abuse sound like they’re all on the table with the Biden administration. As long as they get what they want, make it happen.

Much of the nation understands you need somebody capable of taking charge in the White House. It’s an exhausting position. This is not a position for somebody that needs medication to get in front of the cameras. You need to be able to speak from the heart and inspire hope.  Those covering for Biden will say he’s doing great but Americans know better.

This is all about image though

Mr. Bolling was unafraid to call the Biden train wreck as he saw it. “I don’t even know what to say. There’s your president. Mixing, dropping ideas, numbers, can’t figure it out, confused. The man’s, I’m sorry to say this, it’s a tragedy he’s confused. He said this’ll be a hard fight back the next two or three months. Does he look around and see what the devastation is around him. It leveled the town of Mayfield. Two to three months? This still be pulling wreckage apart.

Then he says he’s not sure if he’s allowed to spend money there. Of course! Declared it a federal emergency. Sorry, I know it’s a moment. And I know it’s early, maybe too soon for me to say. But that man is not fit to be saying what he’s saying right there. I have no idea what he just said, folks.”  We need to keep praying with Biden in power.

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