Alert: Shots Fired at Patriots, Police Move Swiftly

When shots were fired at patriots waving flags in support of President Donald Trump, police in Fort Mill, South Carolina aren’t afraid to swiftly enforce the law. Unlike what happens in liberal cities, anarchists aren’t going to get away with violence here. Eagle eyed officers caught at least one of the perpetrators after they switched vehicles to elude pursuit.

The Fort Mill Police Department is on the job

When a group of patriotic supporters of President Donald Trump, including children, were shot at by Black Lives Matter anarchists Monday evening, simply for being “deplorable,” police took the incident seriously and brought at least one criminal to justice for it. Fort Mill understands that laws are useless unless they are actually enforced.

Just before 7:00 p.m., as they were gathered for a patriotic rally to back the president, peacefully waving flags, ruthless children of darkness sped by while one of the occupants fired several shots from a handgun into the crowd. Thankfully he didn’t hit anyone. Police were immediately called.

The patriots informed police that they believed there were three men in the vehicle. They got a good look at it because it “drove by their group several times” so the punks could yell “obscenities at them.” The driver was the one who “extended his hand out with what appeared to be a gun.” It was confirmed to be a gun when they heard the gunshots. “All of a sudden you know bang bang bang bang bang bang bang,” Matthew Ostrowski reports.

There were kids everywhere

According to Mr. Ostrowski, “It was ridiculous. There were kids everywhere. They drove by really slow and saw everybody, so they knew exactly who was there.” The Fort Mill police didn’t waste time getting the word out to officers in the vicinity with full descriptions of the vehicle and it’s occupants.

It didn’t take long before “a highway patrol officer found the vehicle abandoned nearby,” local news sources explain. In a liberal city, they would have stopped looking then but not in Fort Mill. “Police stopped a second car driving in the vicinity of the first car when the trooper noticed one of the riders wore clothing that matched the description they were given by witnesses.”

From the information available, “two of the men in the second car were released after an investigation.” Things didn’t go nearly as well for the third. Marquise Damarius Asomani, a 23-year-old resident of Charlotte, was cuffed and stuffed in a cell. Police charged Asomani with six counts of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, one count of unlawful carrying of a pistol, one count of pointing and presenting firearms at a person, and one count of possession of a firearm during a violent crime. He’ll be staying at the York County Detention Center unless someone comes up with his $75,000 bond.

The patriots want the world to know that what happened didn’t intimidate them. “If anything this energizes me more and after this incident,” Ostrowski declared. “It’s done the same for many many people.”

  1. A $75,000 bond means $7,500 to get his ass out of jail. He’ll have his homeboys bail him out, and 10-1 he flees to a liberal city. Perhaps it’s time electrified ankle bracelets are used, for anyone arrested, and if they leave the perimeter of the jail, they get a nice constant shock, until they return back within that perimeter. It may be one way to ‘learn’ ignorant thugs like this a lesson. Pain seems to be the only thing they understand.

    1. I like the part about electrified ankle bracelets, but I would say they are put on house arrest, until their court-date, and have the electrified ankle monitor on them. If they attempt to cut it off or try taking it off by other measures they would get a good dose of electricity.

  2. Glad some cities let the LEO’S do their job. As far as the electrical system goes just instill around his middle with the leads going to his little man section of his body, bet he most likely would not want to leave his chair for anything.

  3. What gets me is the fact the dumb ass’s can’t see that all their doing is turning more away from the delusional democrats side by doing stupid crap like this . Their giving more votes to trump them any campaigning he’s doing . So keep doing your stupid BS and help trump win again . Good thing their so stupid and never try something new to win . It’s the same old story time after time . Dumb ass’s
    Trump 2020 … make them cry again … approved by deplorables everywhere

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