BLM Caught Threatening White Business Owners ‘Get the F**k Out, These are OUR Businesses Now’

White business owners and customers in New York City were attacked by BLM protesters on the night of April 20. White diners and restaurant owners were told to “get the f**k out” of New York and threatened by mobs after the announcement of the Chauvin verdict as BLM supporters roamed through the streets of multiple cities celebrating their latest victory over the justice system and explaining to America what they plan to do next.

White New Yorkers told to “get out”

Four hundred years ago New York City did not exist. Settlers and pioneers clawed what would become one of the largest cities on the planet out of the wilderness with the same American courage and enterprise that would make the city a global icon.

Their descendants labored and sweated to fill the city with marvels of architecture and engineering. Generations of white New Yorkers contributed to make New York what it is today.

Now their legacy is spat on by BLM and Antifa every day. Their monuments and heroes are dragged down and vandalized by mobs with government approval.

Finally, the descendants of the men and women who built New York City are being told to their faces that they have no right to live in their own city by communists and anarchists.

Small business owners and their patrons are told that white New Yorkers are ruining New York by gentrifying the city that white Americans just like them created and raised with their own hands.

In almost every American city the mobs are giving normal citizens the same treatment and spewing the same envy and hatred.

“We don’t want you here”

The mob chanted “we don’t want you here” and “stay the f**ck out of New York” as they jumped on tables and jeered innocent diners and restaurant owners.

Given the state of New York City under current leadership many Americans might take them up on that suggestion and get out before the crime and violence skyrockets even more than it already has over the past year.

Still, white American citizens deserve the right live in the cities which their ancestors built without being harassed and attacked by the unruly mobs which have been given control of urban America.

The protesters initially yelled “we don’t want your money” and then immediately changed their minds and decided that they did, in fact, want to be given money. The expectation of getting things for free has always been a staple of BLM protests .

All of this happened just hours after BLM was supposedly given exactly what it wanted in the Derek Chauvin trial. Making a mockery of the American justice system was not satisfying enough for the mob.

White New Yorkers are apparently just as deserving of hatred from BLM as Derek Chauvin, merely for the crime of being white in their own City. Another sign of things to come for a New York City already in decline.


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