Violent Felon Breaks Into Elementary School, Three Teachers Take Action

A violent felon attempted to force his way into an elementary school as children were making their way inside from recess.

Kindergarten teacher Rachel Davis shared that she felt very concerned as she noticed a strange man standing outside the fence of the school as her students were heading inside from the playground.

Her intuition proved to be right as she said:

“I was trying to explain to him, ‘Sir, you cannot come in this door. This is not the front door. You’re not allowed in this building.’ And eventually, he wanted to get in so bad that he was lunging towards the kids,” Davis said, adding that she tried to block him from getting inside while she was yelling for help. “We struggled for a while, and he made it inside the building.”

Once the man had seen the door open, he jumped the fence and raced towards the building.

Davis attempted to block his entry with her body as another teacher heard her screams.

“I just heard Mrs. Davis say ‘he’s trying to get into the building, he’s trying to get into the building.’ So, immediately, I’m like you’re not getting into this building, like to the top of my lungs yelling, ‘You are not getting into this building,’” remembered Katrina Thomas, the security officer at the elementary school.

It was at that point that Thomas and bookkeeper Shay Patton helped Davis to fight the intruder and tackle him to the ground.

The suspect was 33-year-old Onreka Gray, who has an extensive criminal history that included criminal trespass, aggravated burglary, assault of a police officer, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Thankfully, the women were able to restrain the man until police arrived and are now being called heroes for risking their lives to keep students safe.


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