Joe Biden’s ‘HUNDRED DAYS OF DIVISIVENESS’ Criticized By Black Leadership Group

It begs the question then. If liberals regularly leave black groups in the dirt after courting you for your vote, why do they still vote for them? If there’s a record, vote for the other person. Political pressure can relegate an African American to either vote Democrat or you’re a traitor.  But it doesn’t make sense to put your support behind a group that has slapped you in the face for many years.

African Americans are told

If you don’t vote for a Democrat, they ‘ain’t black’. Nice way to insult them, Joe. After Biden’s state of the union, a black leadership group was furious with him. Marie Fischer of Project 21 was disgusted, saying,“Joe Biden used black Americans to ascend to the White House, but has basically turned his back on them.”

Minorities are people too and they crave honesty just as much as white people. You’re not going to get that from Joe Biden though. Project 21 is a 25 year old organization that is an “initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research to promote the views of African-Americans whose entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to family and commitment to individual responsibility have not traditionally been echoed by the nation’s civil rights establishment,” according to their website. They weren’t pleased with sleepy Joe.

Democrat policies regularly hurt minorities

Democrats have historically been unfavorable toward blacks and Joe Biden has proven to stay the course. Several members of Project 21 have unleashed their fury at Biden.

Co-Chairman Stacy Washington started the avalanche, “The policy needs of black Americans always come last with liberals – regardless of the high percentage of blacks who support them. President Biden claimed his administration is on track to cut child poverty in half, but failed to cite any metrics or data to support that claim. Thirty percent of black kids live in poverty. There are over 97,000 black children in foster care. In less than 100 days, the Biden Administration has admitted over 20,000 migrant children into the country, putting their needs ahead of those of black children. What are your plans for American children, Mr. President? Black Americans want to know.”

Time to switch

Change your allegiance! Conservatives welcome all. We all want truth. Marie Fischer continued, “Joe Biden used black Americans to ascend to the White House, but has basically turned his back on them. The examples are epic. By allowing biological boys to compete in women’s sports, he will cause girls – especially black girls – to lose out on college scholarships that could help them attain a better life. Then there’s amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Studies like one from the National Bureau of Economic Research have shown that, as illegal immigration increases, jobs become increasingly scarce for black Americans while incarceration rates rise. A $15 minimum wage will similarly decrease employment opportunities for black youth. Biden got into office with the typical bait-and-switch that the left always uses on black America.”

Another Project 21 member Martin Baker chimed in, “A hundred days of divisiveness have hurt the black community, with damaging policies bringing more harm than help. For example, while every other ethnic group has seen their unemployment numbers diminish, blacks have seen theirs rise since Biden entered office. A recent H&R Block survey of black-owned businesses revealed more than half have suffered from a 50% loss of revenue during this pandemic — yet Biden and his allies champion a higher minimum wage that would make the outlook even more bleak. These are not actions that benefit our community.”

It’s all talk, no action for everybody

Not just African Americans, although the Biden and the Democrats target them. Member Derryck Green is equally frustrated, presenting once again the need to change alliances, “Joe Biden once proclaimed in an interview on an urban radio station that, if blacks had trouble deciding between him and Donald Trump, they ‘ain’t black.’ But what have those blacks who proved their authenticity received for their votes? What they usually receive after blindly supporting liberal politicians: radicalized talk about ‘justice’ and ‘equity’ and promises to support minority businesses, without significant action to actually empower American blacks trying to recover in a post-COVID economy. Biden signed executive orders for gay and transgendered Americans, for illegal aliens and Latinos and for gender equity. But blacks have been predictably ignored.”

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