Biden Has Just Buried American Taxpayers

Joe Biden has done it again.

He has promised another country a boatload of aid that will come out of our pockets.

A coalition called the “Just Energy Transition Partnership,” led by the United States and Japan, has agreed to give Indonesia $20 billion to break away from coal.

Send in the Money

Now, we all know Joe Biden likes to play hero, but he is doing it with our money.

We don’t have the figures yet, but knowing Biden, it is safe to assume that of the 10 nations involved, the United States will be biting off the biggest share.

I am also wondering how he can make such a commitment without congressional approval.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo stated, “Indonesia is committed to using our energy transition to achieve a green economy and drive sustainable development.

“This partnership will generate valuable lessons for the global community and can be replicated in other countries to help meet our shared climate goals through concrete collaborative actions.”

With all this money we are sending to other countries to go green, I am just wondering what century the United States will turn a profit on this little venture.

Source: Fox News

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