70,000 Housing Vouchers Given to Illegal Aliens By Biden’s HUD

The Biden Administration is making emergency housing vouchers available to illegal immigrants. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has removed the proof of citizenship requirement for the allocation of emergency housing vouchers which in some cases will enable illegal immigrants to rent housing which will be entirely paid for the federal government and thus, indirectly, taxpaying American citizens.

Illegal immigrants receive new aid opportunity

The emergency housing vouchers being issued will allow people at risk of homelessness to pay 30% of their income for rent and have the rest paid for by the government.

Those who are not working and thus have no income will have their rent entirely paid for by the government, provided  that the landlord is willing to accept the vouchers.

Technically, the voucher program is intended to be used only for American citizens who are struggling under the current economy and need urgent assistance.

By removing the explicit requirement for proof of citizenship to be provided for eligibility, however, the Biden Administration has effectively made the vouchers available to illegal immigrants.

The implication of the change is that the Department of Housing and Urban Development will not be checking at any point to ensure that illegal immigrants aren’t receiving the aid, even if it maintains an official stance against  their eligibility.

The process for ceasing aid to those who do fail to provide any proof of citizenship allows for a lengthy appeal period in which payment must still be provided to the recipients.Governor

More competition for impoverished Americans

The 70,000 new vouchers being issued under the program will effectively be open for competition between citizens and illegal immigrants under this new policy.

Whatever the stated intentions of the Biden Administration may be, the change will undeniably make it more difficult for American citizens to receive the limited number of available vouchers with millions of new people potentially able to apply.

With a flood of new illegal immigrants constantly appearing at the border the pool of potential applicants is constantly growing at the expense of the current recipients.

These migrants are being attracted by the perception that the Biden Administration is particularly lax on illegal immigration and that those who make the journey will be offered financial aid from the American government.

With unemployment numbers still high after the Covid related surge last year, American citizens are already forced into a potential competition for jobs with immigrants.

Now evidently the Biden Administration is willing to throw homeless or at risk American citizens into a competition for housing with possibly millions of illegal immigrants.

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