City Pushes to Dismantle Police Dept

If you don’t say what the mob wants you to say, you’re run out of town. It is indeed a fickle crowd. Wikipedia defines Ochlocracy or mob rule as the Latin phrase “mobile vulgus”, the fickle crowd. It will turn on its own. The City Mayor himself, a supporter no less, was chased off when he said something the mob didn’t like. What will the mob allow the “community lead public safety” people to do?

Another city may crumble

Minneapolis is now an extremely left wing radicalized city. Council member Jeremiah Ellison is Keith Ellison’s son. Keith’s ex wife is the Chairwoman of the Minneapolis School board. They just severed ties with the police. Jeremiah maybe running for Mayor next year. Ilham Omar is the Minneapolis representative so the politics are at least as left wing as San Francisco, if not more so.

“We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department,” Council Member Jeremiah Ellison tweeted a few days ago.

One wonders if it will become too toxic to stay

The rules for this “community lead public safety” group have yet to be determined. Will city power squabbles bring it down into chaos? It IS about power. If it was about justice, minority business and minority police might have been left alone.

If business is forced out of the city, there’s no taxes to be collected either from the business owner or any employees. Taxes is still how government is paid. Capitalism is still how money is made. Without thriving businesses to offer jobs, people will have to leave.

Government is the master

Until city and government officials are run out of office. People insisting on mask usage have proven government can do anything including changing the rules, and people will go along with it. The Constitution is only as good as people willing to enforce it.

What will happen to the Democrats? If this continues down this path, they’ve already used the “blame everything on the other party” tactic. Everything was Bush’s or now Trump’s fault. It’s either genocide or war now. This can happen in every Democratic state, every city.

Nobody will buy any property in the city of Minneapolis. People invest in properties. Nobody will want to invest in this. Current property values are worthless now, people can’t sell. Properties might be abandoned.

This is where arson comes from

It’s been used for many years. Sometimes financial lessons are learned the hard way. Even liberals who’ve bought property there and can’t sell will turn conservative once they’ve seen what happens when property values drop.

Remember Detroit? Actually, no, liberals aren’t capable of seeing the destruction caused by their own thinking. Detroit is still there but in ruins. It has to be personal. It commonly has to hit people in the wallet or circumstances to understand a particular line of thinking will lead down a particular path, regardless.

The last shoe may not drop

Systemic racism may be held over the country’s head if conservatives don’t write an open check to bail them out. The city council could just contract the job of burning the remainder of the city out, blaming it on white supremacists.

We’re living James Madison’s nightmare. Government was supposed to over power mob rule. Elected people were also supposed to be capable of enforcing laws and rules. If elected officials aren’t capable of doing that, the mob will indeed rule.

There are a lot of things the founders couldn’t have imagined. If truth isn’t upheld, the nation will burn.

  1. Now tell me, when your kid’s bike is found on the side of a road and he’s nowhere to be found and it’s getting dark, who are you going to call?
    The City Council?
    Black Lives Matter?
    Ilhan Omar?
    I’d sure hate to call for help and be told that ‘Due to unusually high call volumes, please leave a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.’
    And I would never live in a place that has totally abandoned sanity and intelligence.

    1. The police should go on strike — and take moonlighting jobs as private security — until the *citizens* call for them to come back, and vote out those Dem idiots.

  2. Being that the Police officers will be screwed by the demoRats anyway, why not just walk away and really let these dems burn! No business, in their right mind, would open up in that city ever again. The remaining parasites do not add anything to the city and it will collapse of its own weight! Any and all towns bordering it should post a presence on all roads entering and leaving that dem hellhole!

  3. Get your popcorn, sit in your most comfortable chair, and watch the “Minneapolis Burning” show.

  4. Now some are so narrow minded it is amazing that they even get home from the grocery store. Now defunding and rebuilding the police force with a different approach is exactly what is needed. Now how do police forces in other countries do such a grat job of ppolicing without the strong are tactics we see in this USA, in the rest of the World you only see tht in Autocratic Countries, not democratically controlled countries. Just think in much of Europe they do not even carry guns except by the special branch. In fact most police in Europe do not want to carry guns, they think guns just escilate things tht are best deescilated throuh talking, and just think they also do not have a general death penalty, yet crime is no higher per capita thn in the USA.

    Now why is defunding and reorganizing a police force so wrong. Now as it stands the Mayor does not control the police in any way and can make no changes, the FOP and Police Union control the police department and thaqt is like letting the fox guard your hen house and you having no say in how the fox does it. The stronarm tactics done by our police would not be allowed in any other Democratically controlled country in the World, in most of Europe the polce do not always carry guns only the special duty have guns, and police misconduct is not investigated by the police as is here. So where is the beacon to the World the USA used to be.

  5. Let’s try this: send all the police on a month’s paid vacation. Let’s see how long it takes all those fools who cried to de-fund the police to start howling to bring them back.

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