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Everything Just Blew up in Nancy Pelosi’s Face

After months of hysteria the FBI is finally approaching the point at which it will be forced to admit that there is no evidence for the January 6 protest being anything like an insurrection or coup attempt. Much to the disappointment of Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats in Congress, sources for Reuters report that the investigation has been largely fruitless in spite of the vast resources and political pressure which has been invested into it.

FBI finds no evidence for conspiracy theories

The fact that the events of January 6 were not being covertly planned by organized extremists should have been immediately obvious to all but the most gullible of liberals.

A large crowd of Americans with wholly understandable fears about the legitimacy of the 2020 election boiled over into a mob which spontaneously entered the Capitol building.

There was obviously no greater conspiracy or central planning involved; once inside, the protesters roamed around for a bit, left a few rude messages for Nancy Pelosi, and then were shepherded out of the building by police.

This is not what an organized coup looks like and the FBI, in spite of its best efforts, has comprehensively failed to invent a convincing narrative surrounding the event.

As an intensely political agency the FBI made it painfully obvious that the painstaking investigation into January 6 was intended to prop up the Biden regime.

Reports that the investigation is still failing to come up with any serious evidence for a plot are just as damaging to the Biden Administration as the catastrophe in Afghanistan or the looming inflation disaster.

Disappointment for Nancy Pelosi

Despite going to great lengths to round up anyone tangentially connected to January 6, the FBI has found no support for its narrative after hundreds of arrests and interrogations.

This is a devastating turn of events for the federal government and the mainstream media, threatening to dismantle the entire quasi-religious story of an attempt to dismantle democracy which has become the founding myth of the Biden regime.

The reality of the situation, that a large gathering of people who genuinely believed that an election was being stolen staged a directionless protest in a building they weren’t meant to enter, is far more concerning to Democrats than the possibility of organized plots against the government.

Nancy Pelosi and other leaders in Congress have framed the event as a new 9/11. The results of the FBI investigation threaten to make that suggestion appear even more absurd than it already is.

What the FBI has spent eight months attempting to disprove should have been the prevailing narrative all along; people staging a premeditated coup do not pause to take photos in the Senate Chamber.

Pelosi and other proponents of the January 6 conspiracy theories surely won’t let the failure of the FBI stop the narrative at this point, though it all does begin to seem even more absurd for the rest of us.

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