They Just Dropped ALL CHARGES

I guess it pays to know people in high places.

Let me rephrase that… it pays to have donated to people in high places.

Disgraced cryptocurrency mogul Sam Bankman-Fried will have one less charge to worry about when he finally goes to trial thanks to Biden’s Department of Justice.

Drop It

On Thursday, the DOJ announced that the campaign finance charges against Bankman-Fried would be dropped.

This was a deal that was made as part of his extradition from the Bahamas.

He will still be charged with seven counts related to wire fraud, securities fraud, and money laundering.

Let me ask you this…

Of all the charges, why do you think the DOJ dropped the campaign finance charge?

Could it be because Bankman-Fried lined the pockets of Democrat campaigns with millions of dollars that he swindled out of investors?

That, of course, would include the Puppet-in-Chief.

The DOJ announced, “The Government has been informed that The Bahamas notified the United States earlier today that The Bahamas did not intend to extradite the defendant on the campaign contributions count.

“Accordingly, in keeping with its treaty obligations to The Bahamas, the Government does not intend to proceed to trial on the campaign contributions count.”

During the 2022 election cycle, Bankman-Fried donated more than $40 million to Democrats and their precious causes.

The system, my friends, is rigged.

Source: Trending Politics

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