Texas City Waving the White Flag

El Paso, TX, is waving the white flag.

The city has been processing upwards of 6,000 migrants a week, and it is running out of resources.

According to finance reports, the city has spent nearly $9 million, housing, feeding, and transporting migrants.

Having only received $2.2 million back from the administration, the city is now saying it cannot handle any more people.

Set Them Free

Rather than house the migrants, El Paso is now showing them the front door and wishing them good luck.

There is no more room at shelters and its welcome center has been shut down.

Even though CBP has been asking the city to reopen the center, it has responded that it no longer has the resources until Joe Biden pays his bills.

The city has stated that once it gets it $6 million, it will open back up.

Until then, the city will continue to release migrants, basically turning them into homeless people.

So far, 600 migrants have been sent out on the streets on their own

That number will increase significantly in coming days if financing is not secured.

Source: New York Post

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