President Trump Senate House Veto National Defense Authorization Act

Senate Passed it, Regardless of What Trump Wanted

The Senate just passed the 2021 defense spending bill with veto-proof majority, despite President Trump’s request to reject it. The president vowed to veto the bill for not including a repeal of Section 230 to reign in big tech censorship.

Senate passes massive defense bill

The Republican controlled Senate just passed a $740 billion national defense bill on Friday, defying President Trump’s threats to veto it. The final vote was 84-13 on the National Defense Authorization Act, which is beyond the two-thirds requirement to override a veto from the president.

“The Senate’s bipartisan passage of the NDAA shows that members on both sides of the aisle are committed to a strong national defense and to the protection of our women and men in uniform—regardless of petty veto threats from the outgoing president,” said Senator Dick Durbin, D-Ill.

On Tuesday, the House approved the massive spending bill with a veto-proof majority of 335-78. Many Republicans disregarded the President’s wish and voted in favor of approving the annual defense legislation.

“Congress’ first duty is to provide for the common defense,” said Senator John Barrasso, R-Wy. “The National Defense Authorization Act is how we keep America safe. For 60 consecutive years, Congress has passed this bill.”

No change to Section 230

President Trump threatened to veto the bill unless it had the provision to repeal Section 230, a law shielding social media companies from liability for the content posted by their users.

Many believe that big tech abuses this law, censoring Conservatives while allowing the Left to post whatever they want. Trump also said he wants Congress to strip out a provision of the bill that allows renaming of military bases that now honor Confederate leaders.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., also defied Trump and urged his colleagues to pass the bill.

“This NDAA will unlock more than $740 billion for the training, tools and cutting-edge equipment that our service members and civilian employees need to defend American lives and American interests,” McConnell, said. “It will give our troops the 3% pay raise they deserve. It’ll keep our forces ready to deter China and stand strong in the Indo-Pacific.”

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