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Senator Josh Hawley Catches Wind of Deep Tech Plot…Unleashes the FURY 

Senator Josh Hawley is unloading on big tech for their coordinated censorship against Conservatives. The Silicon Valley tech giants have been coming under fire in recent years for their political bias. The CEOs of the big three are being grilled in Senate hearings again.

Big tech censorship

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri is one of many voices on the Right calling to repeal Section 230. The legislation was passed into law as a part of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 which provides immunity for website publishers for third-party content.

In other words, Google, Twitter and Facebook are not liable for the content that users post on their platform. Senator Hawley and Ted Cruz of Texas have been outspoken critics of big tech’s bias against the Right.

In a Fox News op-ed Senator Cruz said that Section 230 should only apply to providers that are politically neutral, suggesting that a provider should be considered to be a liable publisher or speaker of user content if they pick and choose what gets published or spoke.

Big tech has been blatant in its political bias over the years. Suspending the accounts of Conservatives, limiting the reach of search content and adding warning labels to political speech they deem as misinformation.

On Twitter, you can watch a video of someone being murdered, but President Trump’s allegations of voter fraud have warning labels on them. According to Section 230, these big tech companies are not liable for any misinformation or hate speech and they have no obligation to censor content.

They seem to be doing so for political purposes, openly censoring voices on the Right while the Left gets away with anything they want.

Senator Hawley recently tweeted, “I’ve heard from @Facebook whistleblower who revealed @Facebook and @Google and @Twitter coordinate to censor. Facebook has an internal platform to manage it.

I’ll be asking Mark Zuckerberg and @jack about this at tomorrow’s hearing.” Hawley also appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to talk about the Senate’s plans to rein in social media. “The Constitution states we the people are to run this government and this nation, not the big corporations, and unless we do something, they’re going to.

Republicans fight back

It’s no conspiracy theory. It’s really happening. Many argue that these big tech companies have gotten so big and powerful that they are essentially public services and should be regulated by the government in a manner similar to how phone and electricity companies are regulated.

Can you imagine if your phone company listened in on your conversations and cut off your service if you support President Trump? That is essentially what is happening on social media.

The social media giants are private companies, so they can do whatever they want. Some argue this should change because they have basically become monopolies with the power to control public information. In the 21st Century, these platforms have basically become the new version of the phone companies. Is more government regulation the answer?

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