Violent Mob Surround Lindsey Grahams Home

A violent mob descended on Lindsey Graham’s doorstep, surrounding his home in the pre-dawn hours to wake all the neighbors in retaliation for the Trump administration’s fast tracking of Notorious RBG’s replacement. “We can’t sleep so neither should Lindsey,” one banner read.

Mob anarchy in Washington D.C.

The violent mob of anarchists were well armed with bull horns, sirens and strobe lights as they disturbed the peace of Senator Lindsay Graham’s Washington, D.C. neighborhood early Monday morning. The capitol police dragged the rowdier rioters away screaming. Nearby homeowners were shaken out of bed by “banging bongos along with pots and pans.” Then there were the “strobe lights and vile chants.” They were well prepared, spending the previous evening practicing their skills at breaking down Senator Graham’s door, and filming it for potential evidence later. Capitol Police “tried to keep them off the property,” but they eventually wandered off on their own to the Supreme Court building.”

The South Carolina Republican is chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee. They are the ones who have to approve “any nomination before it goes to the full Senate.” Democrats, he tweeted, “chose to set in motion rules changes to stack the court at the circuit level and they chose to try to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s life to keep the Supreme Court seat open.” That mob turned the hearing process into a full-blown 3-ring circus, complete with clowns.

Since Democrats want nothing more than the abolishment of law and order, while the progressive mob burns America to the ground, until they loot all the reparations they can cart away, they shouldn’t be too surprised to see some of their own anarchy thrown back in their face like a Molotov cocktail. When the liberals used the “nuclear option” to sidestep the filibuster and filed false charges with the FBI to discredit Brett Kavanaugh, they filled the bottle and lit the wick.” Graham tossed it back. “You reap what you sow.”

Against Notorious RBG’s last wishes

Democrats think that just because Ruth Bader Ginsburg didn’t want to be replaced by Trump doesn’t mean Republicans have to care. So what if they blocked Obama’s end of term replacement pick? That was different. The mob can go ahead and start burning down the Walmart now, because as soon as RBG is in the ground, they’ll be holding hearings. “Merrick Garland was a different situation,” Graham points out.

Back then Obama and his mob of New World Order conspirators were in charge of a Republican Senate. “You had the president of one party nominating, and you had the Senate in the hands of the other party. A situation where you’ve got them both would be different.” And so it is. Graham knows that the fire in the street is not as strong as the fire in his heart. Graham has a burning desire, “appointing judges is a high priority for me in 2020.”

Senator Graham tells the socialist children of darkness that the whole mob of them can kiss his big Dixie backside. “I want you to use my words against me,” the South Carolina Senator declared. “If there’s a Republican president in 2016 and a vacancy occurs in the last year of the first term, you can say, ‘Lindsey Graham said: Let’s let the next president, whoever it might be, make that nomination.'”

Senator Lamar Alexander from the rebel state of Tennessee backed his colleague against the mob of anarchist liberals, tweeting that “no one should be surprised that a Republican Senate majority would vote on a Republican President’s Supreme Court nomination, even during a presidential year.”

  1. When you think they can’t go lower- they prove us wrong. These are just low class people with nothing better to do with their time. If they put this much effort into finding a job- everyone would be better off.

  2. Where were the Police. Last time I looked, Disturbing the Peace was a violation of the law. Mob should have been ordered to disburse and those who didn’t arrested. But then, one has to consider the act took place in the Democrat controlled arm pit of Washington D.C.

  3. Mr Grahm needs to exercise his 2nd amendment rights . Dr Tommy subscribes 40 doses off .556. I found the cure for idiots

  4. Who paid for the fancy signage? Who paid for the individuals that carried them? Who paid for the entire demonstration. Actually very small in turnout, yet they made the front page! I wonder why?

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