Breaking News: Gunman Opens Fire, Police Respond Heavily…Perp Flees the Scene Injured


When the sun came up and the K-9’s arrived, everyone learned that even a deceased suspect can successfully elude the D.C. police for hours. Mark Meadows was not happy to hear about any of it. After a gun battle on the streets of the nation’s capitol which left an officer injured, the perp took off, also injured, causing a massive neighborhood lockdown.

DC Police lock down Mark Meadows

Washington, D.C. residents woke up to a chaotic Monday, and it wasn’t a “Good Morning America” kind of day for Mark Meadows either. When police ordered residents of a neighborhood around the 600 block of 1st Street in Alexandria, Virginia, to shelter in place, one of those affected was White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, slated for an appearance on GMA, which had to be canceled.

When officers arrived at the scene of reported shots fired around 5:45 a.m., police learned that a robbery suspect had a gun battle, leaving an officer down with non-fatal wounds in the lower part of his body. The suspect, also injured fled on foot, eluding officers for hours. Local residents were warned to stay in their homes with doors and windows locked. The suspect had been linked to “two shootings in North Old Town,” including the one which injured the officer.

According to Courtney Ballantine, a spokesperson for the Alexandria Police Department, “the suspect was killed when gunfire was exchanged” but their officers cautiously “hunkered in place until daylight, and the suspect was found deceased in the bushes against the railroad park.” Once the sun came up they started walking the K-9s. Around 8:45 a.m. the suspect was discovered. “A suspect in connection with two shootings in North Old Town has been located, and there is no current threat to public safety.”

Forced to cancel

At this time, officials have not disclosed who fired first or how many shots were fired. What they do know is that White House chief of staff Mark Meadows was forced to cancel a television appearance on Monday morning. The tinfoil hat types are convinced that the Deep State set up the police shooting just to keep Meadows off TV to talk about Hunter Biden.

Ben Williamson, a Meadows aide, tweeted that Meadows was forced by the police to cancel his interview due to a “security incident” near his home that was unrelated to him. He explained the incident himself to White House reporters later.

“Early this morning outside of my apartment in Virginia, there was an incident unrelated to me, but shots were fired and so I ended up having to shelter in place.” He was mostly concerned for the safety of the police. “Hopefully, the officers involved will be safe.” His Good Morning America appearance will be rescheduled for later in the week. The Alexandria Police Department appreciates the community’s support and assistance this morning,” they tweeted.


  1. A dead suspect commits no more crime. Bring back the death penalty with public executions as a means to thwart criminal ambitions of notoriety.


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