Obama Thugs Get Caught in the Act


Maybe the motivation was to shine the light on how easy it is to commit fraud with money put aside for people who were forced out of work due to COVID. In which case, this and a couple other Obama thugs might have gotten the point across. Otherwise, rapper Nuke Bizzle may have helped a few families lose their homes. Don’t ask somebody like this how low can you go. That’s considered a challenge.

Thugs like this

Are why people spring up to help others. They’re snakes, stealing “candy from a baby”. There’s evil in the world. But there’s also enough people out there that will fill that void to help others.

The Department of Justice said Fontrell Antonio Baines, “boasted in a YouTube music video about getting rich from committing unemployment benefits fraud.” Some of the California Employment Development Department debit cards were from identities he stole.

Thugs may have souls

Maybe somebody will show rapper Nuke Bizzle the light in prison. How did he get to not caring about others, was he raised in a dog-eat-dog atmosphere? Steal to live?

He obtained 92 debit cards loaded up with over $1.2 million, mailed to addresses he could access in Beverly Hills and Koreatown. He and his accomplices were able to collect over $704,000 by accessing the cash in Las Vegas for a variety of items.

Thugs are bullies and cowards

They’ll get what they can get away with and hopefully disappear from the law. It’s all about them. This is what they’ve been taught.

“Baines allegedly exploited the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) provision of the CARES Act, which is designed to expand access to unemployment benefits to self-employed workers, independent contractors, and others who would not otherwise be eligible, “ federal officials noted.


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