Nurse Fired For Organizing Anti-Lockdown Rally Confronts CBC News Crew Over Destroying Her Life

People don’t generally have the opportunity to confront the media to their faces about the damage they’ve done. Kristen Nagle, a Canadian nurse fired from her job because she protested the vaccine mandate, was able to do that. In their quest to paint a particular picture, the media doesn’t realize or care that they destroy lives. Among other things, the media has spread lies about the safety of truckers’ children.

The nurse lit into them

She stunned them. Is this just a job to you? “You have destroyed my life CBC. You write a lot of hit pieces on me. My family has been doxed. I have a lot of death threats. I have a 6-yr-old son and a 3-yr-old son, and you’ve literally destroyed my life because I ask a lot of questions. And do you actually believe the work you do, or do you just do it for a good paycheck?”

She identified herself and continued, “I’m Kris Nagle. I’m a nurse, and because of the hit pieces, you guys have totally ruined my career. And I’ve been fired because of it. People have doxed my address. People have given me death threats because of the lies you’ve told.” She was tearful to what appeared to be only one of the crew that seemed to acknowledge her presence for more than a moment.

Another fired nurse

She was fired after protesting the COVID lock downs. The CBC did a report Jan. 19 that seemed to celebrate she lost her job.

Nagle worked at the London Health Sciences Centre in London, Ontario. She worked in the neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU and was “terminated with cause”. LHSC put out a statement: “After initially learning of actions involving an NICU nurse at London Health Sciences Centre that were not aligned with LHSC’s values back in November, immediate action was taken to place her on an unpaid leave pending the results of an internal investigation.” Nagle and two other ladies organized an anti lock down protest November 2020.

She’s not the only nurse

Taking the media to task. The CBC did a piece on her and a $1 million libel suit she and two other nurses filed against the Canadian Nurses Association and a media establishment in British Columbia.

Nagle and Choujounian were under investigation for traveling to Washington, DC during January when non-essential travel was banned. They were “spreading misinformation” that COVID was a scam and hospitals were in on it.

This nurse is one of three

That are part of the Canadian Frontline Nurses. The CFN is a branch of the Global Frontline Nurses that was formed to “empower health-care workers who disagree with lock downs.”

Nagle is also accusing the CBC of not reporting the truth. The children of the truckers are supposedly at risk. Deputy Chief Steve Bell is working with the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa. They’re worried about  the carbon monoxide, fumes, noise levels and sanitation.

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